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You may not realize it, but the world around you is filled with the work of graphic designers. Everything from advertisements to highway signs to the websites you use every day has some elements of design in it. Graphic design is a fascinating subject, as it’s a combination of art and mathematical precision. Designers have to play around with text, color, and illustration to create the best possible layout for a poster, book cover, or sign.

Thankfully for those who want to learn more, there are all kinds of graphic design blogs online — and since they’re run by designers, almost all of them are beautifully and cleanly designed. They’re a feast for the mind as well as the eyes. Here are the top ten graphic design blogs on the Web. Some of them deal with specific elements of design, like typography or logos. Still others talk about the designer’s life. There’s definitely something here for everyone!

1) Positive Space
Positive Space is a blog run by the designer Anthony Zinni which seeks to provide informative content as well as being a beautiful space. The blog features a variety of articles, ranging from examples of good design to information on running an agency or working as a designer.

2) Design Observer
Design Observer is a great blog because in addition to providing articles about design, it also provides resources for designers! The blog includes a job board, an email newsletter, and book recommendations for aspiring or current graphic designers.

3) Creative Review
Creative Review’s tagline is “advertising, design, and visual culture” and they follow through on that promise, providing articles that deal with all these issues. They also have some resources similar to Design Observer’s for job hunters.

4) Dexigner
Dexigner has a mind-blowing amount of information on all aspects of design, all wrapped up in a beautiful, white-on-black package. In addition to its extensive graphic design and typography sections, it also has information on furniture design, fashion design, and more.

5) I Love Typography
Want to know what font your favorite bakery uses and why they chose it? Curious about the difference between Arial and Helvetica? I Love Typography is an amazing resource for all things type-related, both historical and modern.

6) Subtraction
Subtraction is another incredibly beautiful blog, as it should be. It’s managed by the ex-Design Director of the New York Times, and highlights successful design as well as sharing personal stories about work in the graphic design world.

7) Typographica
Typographica is another really excellent blog for those interested in typography. Typographica posts font reviews, mostly of new fonts. Reading these reviews can teach you a lot about which fonts to use in certain situations.

8) Logo Design Love
Like the typography blogs, Logo Design Love focuses on a very specific aspect of graphic design: in this case, logos. The articles mostly look at the evolution of logos over time. You might be surprised how familiar logos have changed!

9) Grain Edit
Grain Edit is a great way to learn about contemporary designers, see their work, and hear about their process. It features interviews with accomplished designers, mostly those influenced by vintage and retro design work.

10) Ideas on Ideas
Ideas on Ideas provides longer-form essays on various aspects of design. It’s well-written, well-crafted, and informative: a great read when you have a little bit of time on your hands.

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