Top 10 In-Demand Jobs That Require Degrees: 10 to 6

While many college freshmen’s classes revolve around the prerequisites–such as English, Math, Science, History, etc.—upperclassmen tend to major in areas that are desirable, interesting, or meaningful to them. In my college experience, I found my passion for teaching. So I studied and interned, constructed projects and took exams and certification tests, and after graduating with my Bachelor’s in education, came to realize how different the job market is now than it was prior to my enrollment into college.

The top 10 in-demand jobs include computer related fields, medical fields, and healthcare fields. (Photo courtesy of flickr – SWRNN)

I have been taking a closer look at my options, and doing so, I have researched the guaranteed job markets and most desirable positions/careers that are offered upon graduation from many colleges. These job markets are open to graduates of specific fields, such as the medical field and disciplines falling under that category, and consideration should be given to what will be in demand upon a student’s college graduation.

Featured in U.S. News is a compiled list in rank of the 25 top in-demand jobs of 2012. I am including the 5 top jobs in-demand. Remember it can be essential to give consideration to job markets that are in demand when going into college. This can ensure whether or not there will be vacancies in markets that you have worked so hard to receive a degree and certification for.

10.  Occupational Therapist Salary Range: $48,920-$102,520 While the term is a broad and vague one, there isn’t a thing that an occupational therapist does not cover. Mental, physical, and independence therapy are what you will be overseeing in this high-demand job. And since the population will grow older by each year, there will always be places for occupational therapists. The drawback: students planning on becoming certified OT’s can look forward to intensive study and certification of at least a Master’s degree from an accredited university.

9.  Computer Programmer Salary Range: $40,820-$114,180 Technology, for sure, plays a big role in all of our everyday lives. Everything is being incorporated into technology—from banking to shopping, school and work—and the demand for computer programmers will continue to go up. And while most career paths on this list will require at least a four year degree, entry level employees usually have only a two year college degree, or at the least, a certification.

8.  Physical Therapist Salary Range: $53,620-$107,920 In this field the therapist works with all kinds of patients from athletes to amputees. Muscle coordination, range of motion, and rebuilding strength and mobility are what a physical therapist works with. According to U.S. News, positions available within this health care field may see a 40 percent increase by 2020. But this is another position that requires a Master’s degree, very similar to an OT.

7.  Web Developer Salary Range: $43,190-$119,940 Once again, because of technology, this job availability will continue to rise. A bachelor’s degree is usually required for this position, but it is possible to start working as early as earning an associate’s degree. These professionals work with web content, enhancing it and building it using knowledge and training with HTML code, applications, etc. to create a friendly and easy-to-navigate internet experience for internet users.

6.  Computer Systems Analyst Salary Range: $48,360-$119,070 This position is another in the technology field that will require a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related area. They work to build and configure systems to a client’s technological needs. It is also advisable that when working toward a career as a computer systems analyst that the student also study business systems analysis as well.

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