Top 10 In-Demand Jobs That Require Degrees: 5 to 1

In my last posting, Top 10 Jobs That Require Degrees: 10 to 6, I discussed the top ten jobs across many technological and medical/health care fields, as of this year. While all require at least some form of certification, some require as high as a master’s degree in the applicable field, and some only require a two-year degree or a certification in the chosen work field. Graduates obtaining degrees in these specific fields can look for a decent increase in the numbers of jobs available in these areas. The increase will continue to grow until a projected 2020, according to U.S. News.

With the proper consideration and choices, a student can enjoy a secure career upon graduating. (Photo courtesy of


As I mentioned in my earlier post, students making the choice to attend college to obtain a means to start a career should really consider the job market outlook upon graduating from their chosen school.

So here they are, the latter half of the top 10 most in-demand jobs of 2012; keep in mind that these fields–healthcare/medicine and technology–are expected to continue to grow and thus, remain in-demand and available.

5. Database Administrator Salary Range: $41,570-$115,660

Database administrators oversee everything that a corporation or small company would need in terms of technology, storage, organization, and upgrading/tuning/modifying any software or internal data used by the corporation. Security is also run by database administrators. This is a position that can either be as an employee of a large corporation or worked as a consultant/independent contractor. This postition also requires at least a bachelor’s degree in the appropriate field.

4. Medical Assistant Salary Range: $20,810-$40,190

While this is not an extremely high-paying position, medical assistants can count on having a job, and that available positions of this particular job field are expected to increase over the next decade. This fast-paced job requires everything from desk and front office work, keeping medical records, and answering phones, to medical tasks such as drawing blood, sterolyzing equipment, and changing dressings. This is the only job in my list that does not require a formal degree. It is possible to become a medical assistant with no more than a high school diploma, though there are certifications and two year degrees available to students desiring to further their education.

3. Pharmacist Salary Range: $82,090-$138,620

Pharmacists work in both technological and medical areas when performing the job duties that come along with this field. Generally speaking, a pharmacist can in work retail, private, or corporate arenas, and with the growth yearly, a pharmacist-to-be can count on a steady increase in open positions throughout the next several years. With this job, though, there are hard and long hours of study, usually starting with two years of professional study at a college/university and then schooling within the pharmacy field for a doctorate in pharmacy. There is also a one to two year residency plus many exams to prepare the student for a career in pharmacy.

2. Software Developer Salary Range: $54,360-$133,110

Software developers work mainly with, you guessed it, software development. These workers usually develop and construct software based on clients’ needs. They also work with continuiously updating, checking and maintaining the software they put in place for their clients. While it is regularly required that software developers hold a bachelor’s degree in the appropriate technology field, experience and know-how can sometimes be the determining factor in a prospective employment.

1. Registered Nurse Salary Range: $44,190-$95,130

The number one, most in-demand job in 2012 was a registered nurse. This can be explained by the continuous increase in job openings within the market. RN’s usually work throughout most medical duties, including hospitals, hospice, home health care, rehabilitation centers, and even schools. There are specialized fields for RN’s as well, with specific discipline in many different medical fields. For example, a prospective RN may choose to specialize as a nurse for out patient heart surgery or brain surgery. Some may even be specialized in pediatrics. The options are endless for this job, which is why it made the number one spot. Many times a minimum of a bachelor’s in science in nursing is required, though some students start working in this field at the associate’s degree level.

In 2012 these were the top ten jobs that were considered in-demand. Many students entering college should take into account what will be available to them career-wise upon graduating or finishing a training program. With the right research and right choices, a graduate on the verge of employment will have a long, secure and fulfilling career ahead of them.

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