Top 16 Project Management Business Blogs

It has been only fifteen years since the word “blog” was first invented, yet there are millions of them on the Web now that deal with practically every topic under the sun. Listed below are sixteen of the top blogs on project management.

1) Project Shrink

The self-stated purpose of this blog is “getting what’s inside your head onto your wall,
for everyone to see (including you).” Its creator, a Dutchman named Bas de Boor who calls himself a “mapmaking story wrangler,” had been a project manager for fifteen years by the time he designed it, and he had encountered many “uncertainties and ambiguities” in organizations during that time.

2) Bob Sutton: Work Matters

Each year, Bob Sutton updates a list he keeps on his blog of eleven books that should be read by every leader. He has also written an article for the New York Times called “Trust the Evidence, Not Your Instincts.”

3) Herding Cats

The author has put up witty quotes from various authors, including A. A. Milne, on his blog site. He is currently also performing what he calls “Earned Value Management Self-Assessment” for DMCA.

4) Project Management Hut

Project Management Hut is also a valuable resource for job seekers, with current job listings being included on the site. Articles posted here have been organized into “huts,” each of which covers a particular stage in the project management process.

5) PM Crunch

PM Crunch is a blog that provides “fresh perspectives on the world of project management.” Visitors can give their names and emails so they can receive free information and ideas on project management.

6) Raven’s Brain

Recently, the author of the Herding Cats blog (described above) posted a response to this blog writer’s post on a video that has been “going around the web.” The video is “Agile and the Seven Deadly Sins of Project Management.”

7) A Girl’s Guide to Project Management

As its title indicates, this blog is devoted to presenting the subject of project management from a female perspective. The author, Elizabeth Harrin, began it when she realized how project management was a topic that has been written about almost exclusively by men.

8) PM Majik

PM Majik is a blog devoted to providing those who may already have considerable experience with PM, the information they need to bring their skills to a whole new level. Ms. Harrin (mentioned in the above blog) has also written for this one, as have others who have been over ten years in business consulting.

9) Gary Gagliardi’s Blog

Just about every project management blogger has had Mr. Gagliardi on his blogging list. He is a member of the Science of Strategy Institute, membership in which can give PMs an opportunity to expand their knowledge and exchange information.

10) Project Management Bistro

PM Bistro is all about creating blog templates and using SEO (search engine optimization—using keywords to increase the traffic flow to websites). “Tips and tricks” blogs are also available on this site.

11) PM Think!

One of the featured stories from PM Think is about resource management tips from military history — a great way to learn about that subject, once you think about it. Several of the other blog sites that we have covered in this article are also on the “blogroll” of this one.

12) Crossderry

This blog’s name comes from the Irish for “across from the woods.” And a name like this is appropriate for a blog that deals with things like “seeing the forest for the trees.”

13) Zen, Project Management and Life

One might not think of applying Eastern religious thought to PM, but as this blog shows, it can be done. Its creator is a leader of the Agile Community of Practice.

14) Eight to Late

On this blog, graphics are used so PMs can think visually. The home page contains a story of “Sherlock Holmes and the case of the terminated PMO.”

15) Better Projects

Better Projects is for “crafting better business.” Most of the threads are accompanied by pictures that well illustrate their subjects.

16) Cutting’s Edge

Our last blog is the brainchild of Thomas Cutting, PMP. Here he gives his insights on the subject and the lessons he has learned over the years

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  1. Simon says:

    Hi Steven,

    A very good list of blogs – many that I have visited. I would be grateful if you would consider my blog, as an addition. It covers all aspects of project management office’s and I add new articles / resources weekly.



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