Top 16 Supply Chain & Operations Management Blogs

Supply chain and operations management, like any major discipline, is the subject of numerous blogs, of which the top sixteen are discussed below. Each one of them is different from all of the others in the particular way in which it approaches the subject, whether by dealing with a narrower subtopic within that subject or with a special aspect thereof. A link to the website of each blog is provided.

1) Supply Chain Digital

Supply Chain Digital is run by the publishes Supply Chain magazine. One recent post is “Ten reasons why you should consider a career in logistics.”

2) The 21st Century Supply Chain Blog

The 21st Century Supply Chain Blog is owned by Kinaxis, the business that delivers RapidResponse. This chain offering enables users to use a single source to direct both supply chain management and supply and operations planning.

3) Supply Chain Matters

Supply Chain Matters is run by Bob Ferrari, a Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) with several other titles. He has been widely quoted in many prominent business magazines, including Business Week Business Exchange and Fortune.

4) Supply Chain Network

Supply Chain Network was launched in 2007 by Jeff Ashcroft, Director of Business Development for SCI Group. The motto for the blog is “Ask, learn, build and collaborate.”

5) The Outsource Blog

The Outsource Blog is devoted to anything and everything having to do with outsourcing and offshoring. Its most recent post is on the pros and cons of IT outsourcing.

6) @Supply Chain Management

A senior consultant for IBM created the blog for @Supply Chain Management. Before that, he had run a company that IBM has since acquired.

7) Supply Chain Nation

Supply Chain Nation is maintained by the JDA company that produces supply chain management software. Anyone who wants to know anything about supply chain management can benefit greatly from seeing this blog.

8) SCM Blog

SCM Blog is “Sony’s elusive roadmap to the Zero Footprint.” Here you may see posted information on Sony’s ambitious environmental goals, such as a 16 percent reduction in waste.

9) Supply Chain Consultancy

Supply Chain Consultancy focuses on SO&P, logistics and the routes to marketing and distribution points. It is the blog of the international supply chain consultancy group called Exchange.


Advanced Interactive Multidimensional Modeling System (AIMMS) is a software system designed for solving problems that relate to scheduling and large-scale optimization. It has developed a new blog that differs from others in the deeper understanding of the subject that those who run it possess.

11) The Material Handling and Supply Chain Blog

The Material Handling and Supply Chain Blog is on the website of Bastian Solutions, which produces software, solutions and robotics for warehouse management and control. The most recent post to their blog is a theory of why we have two ears but only one mouth!

12) Womble Carlyle Supply Chain Management Blog

Womble Carlyle Supply Chain Management Blog is maintained by a partnership consisting of two attorneys who bill themselves as “innovators at law.” They deal with all legal issues that are related to supply chain management.

13) GRA Supply Chain Blog

GRA Supply Chain Blog is that of an Australian company that calls itself “your guide to the optimization universe.” The site also includes an interview with one Carter McNabb on the types of developments that a chief logistics officer should deal with most and which opportunities to boost productivity and reduce expenses should be taken advantage of.

14) Business Executive Supply Chain Management Blog

Business Executive Supply Chain Management Blog is owned by the prominent business magazine. There is a recent post another blog discussed in this article.

15) Sourcing Innovation

Sourcing Innovation is “next year’s supply management defined – has placed it on a list of the most influential of its kind. It gives seven tips for succeeding in any market.

16) O.R. by the Beach

O.R. by the Beach was created by a professor of management science at the University of Miami. One of the blog’s goals is to spread the word about operational research.

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