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Entertainment management is an exciting degree that gives graduates an excellent chance at succeeding in the talent world. There are a variety of paths taken by entertainment management graduates including venue ownership, sports agent, firm management and consulting. Naturally, in order to stay ahead of the competition, tightening up your knowledge about this field is part of regular career maintenance. For this reason, it does not matter if you are a student or a professional because these top 17 entertainment management blogs offer something for everyone.

1.) Bloomberg Business Week Management Blog

Known as a top business news resource, this blog also has a focus on entertainment management. It is regularly updated and you can expect exclusive interviews as well as insider tips from their journalists.

2.) Sports Agent Blog

As one of the most popular career paths for entertainment management majors, this blog focuses on the broad world of the sports agent. More than an opinion page, this website has all of the latest internships, headlines, mergers and athlete news.

3.) The Event Manager Blog

From concerts to corporate galas, event managers bring together all of the entertainment elements needed to run the show. Plainly, these types of professionals need the latest technological tools and this blog keeps readers updated on these types of matters.

4.) Entertainment Agent Blog

Finding talent for the entertainment industry includes a wide range of performers and therefore needs a certain type of skills set. Definitely geared towards professional development, the writer of this blog analyzes the various ways that entertainment agents do business.

5.) Venues Today

You will find yourself at home with this blog if you are involved with entertainment venues. All of the latest headlines are here along with industry interviews.

6.) I Am Entertainment Magazine

Geared toward professionals and entertainment management students, this is an online magazine that has a taste of every angle of the industry. In addition to advice about how to launch your career, they have interviews with professionals behind the scenes in entertainment.

7.) Digital Talent Agents

Owning your own entertainment firm can present its own set of challenges. However, this blog directly addresses issues like hiring and managing your taxes.

8.) YCN Talent Agency

Entertainment is about collecting artists of all realms. Thankfully, this blog highlights the often-overlooked world of fine art talent.

9.) The Black List

This is a niche blog concerning filmmaking and screenwriting, but the writers are extremely prominent in the industry. For this reason, this blog is a good read for anyone that wants to know about entertainment standards for this particular group.

10.) Inspiring Business Performance

Managing an entertainment firm requires solid business skills. To gain techniques that professional entertainment employers use on a regular basis, this is an excellent resource.

11.) Darren Heitner

Sports and celebrities go hand in hand in the modern world. Analyzing this intersection is one Forbes magazine entertainment writer.

12.) Sports in Law Entertainment Blog

When you sign on new talent, there is always a contract involved. In order to stay in touch with all of these legal aspects of the entertainment world, this Pace Law School blog is your go-to source.

13.) Verve Social Media Magazine

Entertainment is at the heart of computer technology and continues to evolve. To keep track of all the big changes, this website clearly lists all of the relevant information.

14.) Funny Business Blog

The world of comedy is a close-knit community and it can be difficult for outsiders to connect to the current culture. Regardless, this blog makes it easy for various facets of the entertainment management world to become introduced.

15.) Chicago Entertainment Blog

While it is based in Illinois, this website has a wealth of information that any entertainment manager can use. Topics include wedding planning, venue booking, and using web tools for entertainment marketing.

16.) USA Entertainment Agency Blog

Managing music and stage entertainment for festivals or weddings is not simple, but this blog provides information to make the job easier. Among the posts are advice for working with casinos, corporations and private parties.

17.) Talk Management

Managing your money is a challenge for any business, but entertainment revenue has its own special set of rules. Written by informed professionals, this website provides all the entertainment and media business focus that you need.

In the end, it is obvious that the entertainment management world is growing broader. As a student, you can count on these blogs to provide updated information as well as inspiration. When your college course work is complete, these websites and online magazines will continue to offer the tools you need to make your career successful.

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