Top 19 Conflict and Negotiation Resolution Blogs

Learning how to negotiate is part of management. Even those who are excellent in business know that without the right personality and conflict resolution skills, you really can’t make it very far. Negotiation is simple for some but takes finesse. Multiple conflict and negotiation management blogs talk about the ways to deal with risk, partners, potential business partners, mergers and a variety of other negotiation management topics.

1. All Things Workplace
Whether you want leadership tips or just more ideas on management practices, the knowledgeable and experienced Steve Roesler comes through with practical advice for negotiations, risk management and other conflicts in management.

2. Vertabase
Daily updated by the all-knowing Mark Phillips, check out the advice and tips that all project managers should know. Whether you just want to hone your negotiation skills or just need some tips on conflicts, you can fix your issue with Mark’s help.

3. Project Management Institute
Independent insights from current project managers, learn about all the stakes, risks, conflict controls and status reports involved in negotiations.

4. Chris Brady’s Leadership Blog
Humorous, useful and downright entertaining, Chris Brady offers some great stories on leadership. He’s also the author of “Launching a Leadership Revolution.” You’ll enjoy reading about his hilarious negotiation moments.

5. Management Craft
Need an inspirational tidbit from those who know about management and negotiation? Check out Lisa Haneberg’s blog, where the vice president and OD consulting practice leader at Management Performance International unleashes her fearless advice.

6. Incedo Blog
Incedo offers some poignant and current news articles on leadership, negotiation, project management, conflict resolution and human resources in management.

7. Negotiation Law Blog
With both business and law topics, you can find a variety of different dispute, conflict resolution and negotiation skill advice from Victoria Pynchon, a negotiation lawyer with a penchant for business management.

8. ICT4Peace
This is a blog for those on the cutting edge of conflict management and risk resolution in their business with a focus on public relations and technology. Much of the articles relate to handling a company’s public image and negotiating with technology to make a better impression.

9. Brains on Purpose
A conflict resolution blog run by Stephanie West Allen, JD and Jeffrey Schwartz, MD. The writers analyze a bunch of different topics in conflict resolution in business as well as visual communication and marketing strategies.

10. Kluwer Mediation Blog
Daily updated with some of the top conflict management stories in current news, you can read knowledgeable tips from Nadja Alexander from the International Institute for Conflict Engagement and Resolution as well as Bill Marsh, Constantin-Adi Gavrila from the Craiova Mediation Center Association and Christophe Imhoos.

11. PGP Mediation
Need to have a difficult conversation? Learn what the professionals do to handle those tough situations and get some insider tips from those who deal with it every day.

12. Harvard Negotiation Law Blog
When things get legal and a bit sticky, look for some answers from knowledgeable writers in business from Harvard. They offer advice on a multitude of issues, videos and symposiums.

13. Conflict Remedy
Got a conflict in the workplace? Learn how to handle it with some advice from Lorraine Segal, MA. You can get through some of the toughest conversations with her help.

14. Tyson’s Mediation Blog
Tyson talks about all kinds of mediation in business, as well as current news topics.

15. Watkins Mediation
Not sure what’s going on with the other party? Maybe you just need some help with general business litigation and enjoy the occasional story from experience. This blog from Watkins Mediation has all kinds of advice related to dispute resolution and mediation.

16. Business Conflict Blog
F. Peter Phillips writes some sharp advice as a commercial arbitrator and mediator, offering consultation on the management of business disputes around the world. Graduated of Dartmouth College, his experience is a valuable nugget for any in business mediation.

17. Blog
Mediation is a super effective tool when used correctly. A team of knowledgeable writers works to help others understand the ins and outs of business disputes and how to tip the scales in your favor.

18. The Business Council Capital Business Blog
Need some tips on a new investment opportunity or business dispute? Find the latest news and personal stories from an intelligent business council.

19. Mediation Channel
The latest information on mediation and mergers across the globe. Check out some of the tips from Diane Levin and see what’s going on with mediation in law, pop culture and business.

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