Top 19 Retail and Sales Management Blogs

Any subject as broad as retail and sales management will have not only a large number of blogs devoted to it, but each will be unique in both its approach to the subject and the particular aspect discussed there. The following nineteen were all selected from a list of the top fifty as rated by the Stevens Consulting Group. Each is accompanied by a link to its website.

1) Vertical Response Email Marketing Blog

Vertical Response Email Marketing Blog has been given a maximum rating of 100 and is fittingly the first on our list. Its motto is “Email marketing for your growing business.”

2) DIY Marketing

DIY Marketing offers a “marketing personality test” to determine which strategies will propel you to wealth. The blog is on “fun and creative ways to market your business.”

3) Jill Konrath

Jill Konrath’s blog is about “selling to big companies.” Ms. Konrath has also written hot books, including SNAP Selling.

4) Creating Revenue and Retention

This blog is maintained by digital business strategy professional David Dalka. It covers change management and SEO, among other things.

5) Changing Minds and Persuasion

Changing Minds is the largest site on persuading people to adopt new opinions. Its pages already total over 5,000.

6) Sales Practice

Sales Practice gives “opinions and insights for sales practitioners.” Interpersonal skills and “personal selling” are among the topics covered.

7) Fill the Funnel

Fill the Funnel is a new alternative to the defunct Google Reader. Internet tools and strategies for increasing sales are found here.

8) Simplenomics

Simplenomics deals with “simple sales, marketing and customer service strategies.” “Don’t sell. Be choosable” is their motto.”

9) Sharon Drew Morgan

The blog of Sharon Drew Morgan is on making buying decisions easier. Ms. Morgan calls herself a “sales thought leader.”

10) The Science and Art of Selling

Alen Majer, Chief Sales Introvert and NLP Sales Trainer, is the author of this blog</a>. A featured entry is titled “Create your sales alter ego.”

11) B2B Lead Roundtable Blog

B2B Lead Roundtable Blog is one devoted to driving more through the sales pipeline.

12) Sales Training Blog

Naturally anyone who would like to go into sales as a career could benefit greatly from a blog that deals with sales training. Such a one is to be found here and is supported by Teambox.

13) Edge of Explosion!

The exclamation point at the end of the name of this blog is well deserved. Jill Konrath, author of another blog discussed here, has commented that this blogger, Dan Waldschmidt, “shakes the status quo and kills the sacred cows.”

14) Score More Sales

And here is a blog – recognized by Open View Partners as one of last year’s Top 25 Sales Performers – for those who are already established in the sales business but are seeking to improve their performance. No one should ever rest on his laurels.

15) Think Customers

The 1to1 Blog is one specifically for customer relationships management and customer experience professionals. Here you can get tips from people who really know how to get and keep customers and maintain “the bottom line.”

16) Neuromarketing

This one is unusual among the blogs on this list, in that it attempts to take a more “scientific” approach to sales marketing. At the center of attention here is the area “where brain science and marketing meet.”

17) Heavy Hitter Sales Blog

Thousands of professionals attempt to enter into business-to-business deals every year, yet all but a few truly successful ones lose their deals. The author of the Heavy Hitter Sales Blog has conducted interviews to find out what the successful B2B people do right that others can emulate.

18) Shameless Sales Tips from Shamus Brown

Shamus Brown has had over twenty years of experience as a sales coach who advises both businesses and individuals on how to increase their sales. He can even show you just what a losing salesperson looks like!

19) Medical Sales Recruiter

Here is a blog that has been designed specifically with individuals who wish to make a career in medical sales. There are so many candidates for this job that competition is very fierce, and that is where a blog such as this one can come in handy.

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