Top 20 Contract Management Blogs

Contract management is an interesting field of study that requires advanced logistics and precision. These twenty contract management blogs offer leadership and business advice to those working directly with contract management.

1. Three Star Leadership Blog
Michael Ray Hopkins is a global business leader who writes about some interesting points of view from both management and customer. See how product managers can help with your business partnerships and learn how to confront problems with contract negotiation.

2. Mike Purdy’s Public Contracting Blog
Mike Purdy has worked in public contracting for many years. With his insight, he has helped many see contracting and procurement resources in a better light for government agencies and private business. Check out his latest articles, updated daily.

3. Selectica
Selectica’s blog offers some valuable information on contract management and how to negotiate with your clients. Daily updated with business news as well, you’ll enjoy some entertaining and legal advice as well from this top contract blog.

4. Contract Logix
Want to get the latest information on contract management software? If you’ve been considering moving the cloud for your services or you want some help with managing clients, check out Contract Logix daily updated blog.

5. IXACT Contact
This blog focuses on contract management for real estate agents and takes on the point of view of commercial clients with a lot of properties to handle. See the latest for how to handle events, market new homes and how to keep up your client’s online presence to sell more effectively.

6. Realtor Mag
What’s the best contract management system? How do you handle those difficult negotiations with clients? Realtor Mag offers a ton of insight into contract management for real estate with their daily updated blog.

7. Contract Management Blog
Even if it’s not abundantly updated, there are a ton of previous articles dealing with cloud integration for clients, contract management dos and don’ts and other tidbits that are really valuable for today’s project manager.

8. SAP Community Network
SAP Community Network does a lot for business leaders with training, how-to videos, education and other services. Their blog discusses all types of business leadership skills and contract management topics.

9. eLegrity
If you want a corporate look at contract management, check out eLegrity, a daily updated blog on how to handle all types of clients and what you should be bringing to the table for each of your contracts.

10. The CPSM Blog
Heading into some roadblocks for your investors? What about dealing with leveraging strategies for your contract? The CPSM blog handles all kinds of different ailments affecting contract managers.

11. Newforma Blog
Newforma has come a long way. In their blog, you can see how their expertise and the use of technology helped them to gain a loyal and abundant customer base with lots of help for contract and project management.

12. She Takes on the World
Award-winning writer and entrepreneur Natalie MacNeil focuses her blog towards business topics affecting career-oriented woman, including how to handle projects with a woman’s finesse. However, both sexes will find this blog extremely useful.

13. Service Untitled
Looking for some help with customer service? Douglas Hanna goes into the quality of customer service and how this can impact a business’ management relationship with a customer. With an array of solutions for all sorts of issues, you can figure out how to help clients in the best way possible.

14. Chief Happiness Officer
Expert on happiness, Alexander Kjerulf does know a thing or tow about handling business clients, customer service and staff finances. His tips will also help you to be more at peace with your workplace.

15. Lead On Purpose
This blog focuses on leadership principles in product management, including how project managers can help and other useful tips for problem solving when it comes to difficult contracts.

16. Scobleizer
How should you be using technology with your contracts? Check out the latest information on contract management software, communication with clients and other ways to make negotiations and meetings less of a hassle.

17. Steve Yastrow’s Blog
Steve Yastrow can come through for your business and seriously give you a pep talk when things are going awry. Check out how you can connect with your clients and handle contract problems with his top solutions.

18. PyroMarketing
What’s the “Four Step Strategy to Ignite Customer Evangelists and Keep Them for Life?” You can see this strategy and many other marketing tips to help your contracts from the PyroMarketing blog.

19. Fred Reinchheld
Want to build more loyalty with your contracts? Riechheld has some tips to make things go much smoother with your clients.

20. Simplicity
“Simplicity is the Key” is the book that helped with all types of management issues. You can find out some simple ways to make your contract management more effective.

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