Top 20 Human Resources Blogs

Human Resources is an excellent degree for anyone that wants to work with the people side of business. While there are many professional blogs that address human resources and personnel workers, few are regularly updated. However, these 20 blogs give you an idea of what to expect from a career in employment.

1.) Never Mind the Manager

Although this is written by a human resources professional that specializes in customer service, this regularly updated blog is perfect for staying on top of personnel and social media topics. On top of work related advice, you can also expect pointers on leadership, motivation and coaching.

2.) HR Official

One of the key features you will like about this blog is the extensive list of links to other blogs. In addition, there are plenty of regularly updated posts about the ever-changing personnel headlines.

3.) Fistful of Talent

Sourcing is one of the many focuses of this online human resources magazine. Geared toward larger employers, there are daily posts to keep employees on top of their game.

4.) Human Resource Blog

No one wants to be responsible for getting their employer sued and this blog helps you avoid that. Blog posts include updated federal forms and tips about the outcomes of personnel-related court cases.

5.) Evil HR Lady

An internet classic, this blog is authored by a single writer. Anyone with an HR question can write to her and have it answered.

6.) CIPD

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving human resources employees. When you feel that you need to brush up on your skill set, CIPD blog posts will help you gain the pointers you need.

7.) HR Bartender

Do you have a complaint about personnel management? This blog is written by a human resources professional that answers any questions that employees have about personnel best practices.

8.) Pay Scale

Having the perfect worker’s compensation package is crucial to the long-term health of a business. Over time, the government changes these rules, and this blog helps you stay abreast of all the tweaks you can offer your current employer.

9.) SHRM

The Society for Human Resources Management takes their mission statement seriously with one helpful blog post after another. When you have a question about personnel, this is the first place you should search for the most updated information.

10.) TLNT

Paperwork aside, being able to find talent and judge candidates is one of the cornerstones of being a great human resources manager. Tricks to the trade are what this blog provides along with several articles by top talent recruiters.

11.) HR “n” Europe

Today, it is common for corporations to have international branches. Coming to the rescue is a blog that covers every emerging story in the international staffing niche.

12.) Human Resources Legislation

Understanding personnel law takes more than one teacher. When a second opinion on employment law is needed, this blog breaks down the headlines in detail.

13.) Computers in Personnel HR

It can be difficult to understand the new ways that computer technology addresses the needs of modern human resources departments. When you need information about the latest employee badges or anti-theft devices, this blog gives you opinions and reviews.

14.) Today’s Workplace

Is your workplace dealing with unions or other types of contracts? Negotiating through this particular area of law is a blog authored by several objective third-party voices.

15.) The Recruiters Lounge

Geared specifically toward head hunters, temporary staffing HR and recruiters, this magazine gives regular tips. Popular topics include social media recruiting and mastering your online recruiting presence.

16.) Talent HQ

Are you unclear if your recruiting strategy is working? Attempting to help you master the world of hiring online is a human resources professional willing to thresh out all of the details.

17.) Ask a Manager

Human resources is a stern world of professional behavior, but that does not mean that it is without humor. For this reason, you will love the comedic way that the author of this blog answers the questions sent by readers.

18.) Recruiting Blogs

Saving your employer money means making the right hire. With this blog, you will be able to ask all of your questions for other professionals in the industry to answer.

19.) HR Times Blog

When you are looking to move up into a management position within your firm, you need advice from voices currently in the business. By providing regular lessons on human resources topics, you will be on your way to getting the next promotion.

20.) Systematic HR

Today, a recruiter needs to understand how to use the cloud, social media, and infographics. Bringing all of these ideas to life is this helpful human resources-focused blog.

Obviously, the world of human resources and personnel is broad and full of on-going changes. Reading through these blogs will give you a better idea of what to expect from a degree in this particular field. Once you obtain your degree, they will still be there to keep you updated as you pursue your chosen career.

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