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Nonprofit management includes many aspects of business management and social leadership. Nonprofit managers can include the executives who run the day-to-day operations of a nonprofit as well as the board members who lead and direct nonprofit organizations. In many cases, nonprofit managers incorporate leadership skills along with fundraising, networking and communications. In essence, nonprofit managers need as much assistance and technical support as they can muster, especially with so many plates to juggle within one organization. Below is a series of blogs that provide information on nonprofit management.

  1. The Nonprofiteer Gain insights from the nonprofit sector and see just how critical leadership is to nonprofits. Get information on everything from raising money to managing the nonprofit enterprise.
  2. 1st Time Board Members Here is gem that dabbles in an area that needs attention. Just like the name says, this is an ideal starting point for nonprofit board members, especially those with no or limited experience.
  3. Joanne Fritz Joanne Fritz lays out the ins and outs of charitable nonprofit leadership and management. Her posts continually provide insights into the critical issues facing nonprofit board members and executives.
  4. Nonprofit Alternatives Heather Carpenter shells out some top notch advice to nonprofit leaders and the entire nonprofit workforce on everything from technological advances to the career opportunities in the field. Carpenter’s blog includes resources and a stream of discussions worth jumping into and sharing with others.
  5. Beth Kanter Beth Kanter is the co-author of the book Measuring the Networked Nonprofit. Her blog shows nonprofit managers how to leverage their networks and data to bring about social change today.
  6. Katya Andersen As the author of Robin Hood Marketing, Katya Andersen offers blog visitors engaging posts on how to get funding from the rich and well-to-do, while making a difference for others as a whole. She shares her wit and wisdom through a blog that will surely have readers coming back for more.
  7. A Small Change Fundraising wizard Jason Dick provides fundraising basics for nonprofit leaders. He lays out the strategies and techniques that nonprofit leaders will find useful in building strong nonprofits.
  8. Getting Attention Here is a blog that features loads and loads of nonprofit goodies from nonprofit career opportunities to guest bloggers. This is a superb online landing place for making the most of marketing
  9. Fundraising Coach Marc A. Pitman shares some serious tips for raising money in the nonprofit sector. Nonprofit leaders are bound to walk away full of new ideas for their fundraising efforts.
  10. IssueLab’s Footnotes IssueLab is what is considered a “knowledge platform” by many in the nonprofit sector. It only makes sense for IssueLab to share research and other data with nonprofit leaders to advance the entire industry as one.
  11. Vivanista Vivanista labels itself as the “go-to community for philanthropic living and giving.” The blog delivers rich content on topics related to nonprofit leadership and management, including fundraising and volunteer management.
  12. Duck Call Big Duck Consulting delivers a power pack of nonprofit information and resources. Much of what the Duck Call has to offer is related to delivering a branding message through communications and multimedia.
  13. Charity Navigator While the Charity Navigator is a recognized name in the nonprofit field, its blog sheds light on some critical issues related to starting, running and managing a nonprofit organization. Readers are bound to find some treasured information on this blog from a truly trusted source.
  14. Seeking Grant Money Today Also known as the Grant Plant, this blog is operated by Arlene M. Spencer, a successful fundraiser in her own right, who consults with nonprofit organizations regularly. Spencer spells out the fundamentals of what nonprofits need to have in place in order to get the funding that they so earnestly need to achieve their stated mission.
  15. The Nonprofit Consultant A visit to Ken Goldstein’s blog will surely reap plenty of rewards down the road for any nonprofit leader. Taken from a consultant’s perspective, Goldstein shares his insights from within the trenches of the nonprofit realm with his visitors and subscribers.
  16. Aspiration Here is a blog with an excellent blogroll, great technology resources and information and some upcoming event notices. Blog posts are a bit outdated, but they still offer the type of relevance that nonprofit leaders need to have in their toolbox.
  17. Nonprofit Blog Exchange The Nonprofit Blog Exchange is an online clearinghouse of recent blog posts from throughout the industry. Readers can find hyperlinked titles that fit just what they are searching for on this blog.
  18. Nonprofit Law Blog NEO Law group’s Nonprofit Law Blog shares the type of critical information board members and executives need to navigate the tricky and quirky laws related to nonprofits and their tax exempt status. This blog makes managing a nonprofit a lot easier with some trusted legal information posted frequently.
  19. ITP Nonprofit Blog Nonprofits need IT solutions that will work for them as well as work within their budgets. ITP sheds light on the vast array of nonprofit IT solutions available to assist nonprofits in becoming more effective and efficient.
  20. The Drucker Institute’s Drucker Exchange The Drucker Institute’s Drucker Exchange is a behemoth among nonprofit leadership circles simply due to the name it holds from its namesake Peter Drucker, the father of modern day management. The Drucker Exchange shares about the joys and pitfalls of nonprofit leadership and management as well as some effective strategies to boot.
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