Top 5 Distractions from Study Time

It’s no wonder that, in the midst of our technology and our social lives, that we get distracted from studying. It’s a sad fact that our attention spans are diminishing year after year – as a result of our fast paced lives and the way our society is run. Here’s the thing though: It’s midterm season and you know that you skipped three separate times of one class this semester alone. If there’s any hope of you passing with a good score (one that won’t kill your gpa) – then you’ll need to buckle down and study.

I feel you, calculator. I feel you. (photo by wintercool612)

I feel you, calculator. I feel you. (photo by wintercool612)

Here are the top five things that are distracting you – that you should steer clear away from!

#1. Social Media

Yes, I know that your TL is live right now – but that doesn’t mean those tweets won’t be there later. Trust me, if anyone is in dire need of contacting you, they’ll probably do it by phone anyway. It’s more direct access to you. So do yourself a favor and just turn off the social media.

#2. Your Phone

I do recommend you keep it on regardless of whether or not it is a distraction for you – but you need to keep it far away from your work station. Best course of action? Turn your texting on silent and turn your calls on full volume. If it’s really important, someone will call. The key to studying without technology is that you’re isolated – which is a good thing!

#3. Your Job or Internship

It may sound like the incorrect thing to do, but you can request time off with an internship in lieu of exam week, and they will probably give it to you. As for a real job that has nothing to do with school – you should work the schedule they set for you, trade-off with another employee to fit your time-constraints, or just simply turn down their requests for you to come in on your day off. If you give them the excuse, I’m sure they’ll be more than understanding.

#4. Your Significant Other

This one is definitely on my list of top two distractions from study-time. The first being social media. It’s definitely a bit of a challenge when you’re in school and your significant other isn’t – because his or her free time could be spent with you, but you have to have the backbone and willpower to turn them down! It’s a tough life.

#5. Conscience

There’s something inside of you that says you should study, and when you don’t, that something inside of you flips out and you break into a cycle of never-ending never-studying never-not-anxious life.

In fact, I bet you read this post because you’re procrastinating from studying for your midterms. You know what it’s time for: GO STUDY!

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