Types of Learning Styles

Similar to an individual’s personality, each person has their own learning style. A particular technique used to portray information may be straight forward to one person but blurred to another. Everyone memorizes and analyzes topics in their own ways. It can either be through their ears, listening, discussing, and interpreting with others. Hearing the curriculum out loud and repeating it themselves.  Or it can also be through the eyes, with a 3D representation, color coordinated diagram, or a chart. Nevertheless, there is also the sense of touch. The steady strokes of the hand may just be the trick to memorization.

How exactly do you define a learning style? Learning styles are how an individual attains their information. This concept can be broken down into four diverse types.

Find out your child’s learning style now. (photo courtesy to flickingerbrad on Flickr).


These learners usually prefer an isolated study environment. They learn most sufficiently through visual aspects like pictures, videos, charts, and anything else that has images rather than plain text. Artistic crafts help elicit their understanding. Effective study tips for these learners are through different highlighters, flash cards with pictures, or re-sketching from simple memory.


Visual/Verbal learners learn best through material that is practically written in plain text. They flourish academically by classroom notes and reading the textbook. Teachers that teach through overhead projections and repeated writes on the board benefits this learning. Like the visual/nonverbal, they are well suited in a private surrounding. Effective study tips for this learner is flash cards with the main points, diagrams with written descriptions, highlighting specific terms and headings, and rereading classroom notes.


This type of learner is most comfortable with hands on activities. They are able to grasp the curriculum quicker when they can touch and hold it in their hands. These learners also dominate in outside activities the teacher provides. They are known to pace around when trying to learn. Efficient study tips for them would be to study while reading out loud and walking back and forth. Also to study in a group setting. They are also found to use musical rhythms to aid their memorization.


This style of learner succeeds by listening to the given information. They learn best by hearing everything stated and discussing the material in a group manner. These learners remember best when the teacher lectures and breaks down the subject out loud. Studying tips for this learner are study groups, using digital recordings of lectures, restating notes out loud, and engaging in discussion with others.

Being able to pinpoint which type of learner you are makes it easier to improve your learning capacity. Every teacher may not teach alike but which studying techniques to use saves a drastic amount of time. It is better for teachers to change their teaching techniques to accompany their various learning styles in the classroom.

There are many tests online to help you seek out what type of learner you are. These can be found at learning styles online or Vark learning. Although these styles may incorporate the same ideas they use their own methods, and the psychology of this is pretty interesting.

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