UDACITY came from a Stanford experiment on offering a course called “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” online for free. It is founded to help people to get higher education more easily. Its has a leadership team which includes Sebastian Thrun as the CEO, David Stavens as the president, and Mike Sokolsky as the CTO. All these three leaders are creative and strong in technology and science field, which could suggest that the focus of  UDACITY courses is mainly on science and math driven courses.

UDACITY Logo ( Photo from https://www.udacity.com)

This is the UDACITY Logo. UDACITY’s mission is to help people to get higher education more easily and less costly. ( Photo from https://www.udacity.com)

Its Mission

“Our mission is to bring accessible, affordable, engaging, and highly effective higher education to the world. We believe that higher education is a basic human right, and we seek to empower our students to advance their education and careers.” ( UDACITY About Us)

Its Courses

Similar to Coursera ( check my review on Coursera), the courses offered by UDACITY may be free, even if it is not free, it should be much cheaper than taking the same course in a real college setting. To take the courses, you can sign up by email or existing Facebook or Google account.

There are only four categories of courses on UDACITY. They are business, mathematics, computer science, and physics. And each course has a level of either beginner, intermediate, or advanced. They can help you know ahead of time of you could handle a course or not.

Why Should You Use UDACITY?

  • If you are in high school, this is a good website to use to get an idea of college-level courses. Especially juniors and seniors should be prepared for college by knowing what kind of courses to expect.
  • UDACITY helps high school students learn deeper on what they may be interested in and help them choose major in college in the future.
  • It does offer students with a certification after a course. There is also possibilities to get college credits out of the courses you take on UDACITY.
  • If you are in college already, UDACITY can help you save some money. College tuition is expensive and increasing now. Why not take a course for free online instead of spending hundreds in a real classroom with the exactly same material?
  • UDACITY makes it possible for students, both high school and college students, to take some courses that are not available in their schools.
  • If you are working, UDACITY may still help you a lot. It can help you learn a certain skill or field that would benefit you in work.
  • UDACITY makes learning interesting and creative. Instead of giving a long lecture, UDACITY has videos, practical examples, good instructors, and international setting to help students “Learn. Think. Do.

I would recommend UDACITY to anyone who wants to learn, including high school students, college students, and others who are not in school any more. Especially if you want to study scientific or mathematical courses, UDACITY is the right choice!

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One comment on “UDACITY Review
  1. Durbeday says:

    Udacity has a terrible learning system. They make easy content difficult to learn. If you expect to spend 95% of your time learning a course, look elsewhere. With Udacity you will spend 30% of your time learning, and the other 70% of your time navigating the overhead they wrap around the course just to get through it, which adds nothing to the learning experience. There are far better ways to learn the courses that they offer.

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