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There are many unique scholarship opportunities for students in high school and college (Photo courtesy of 401(K) 2013 on flickr).

Contrary to popular belief, not all college and university scholarships are awarded based on need or academic accomplishments. Many private donors and businesses are introducing scholarships to help students who do not fit the “cookie-cutter” mold of a traditional college student. For example, sponsored by the Asparagus Club, upper-division and graduate students majoring in a field related to the grocery industry are invited to participate in the Eat Your Asparagus Scholarship program. With an annual deadline of June and an award amount up to $3000 per year, students are required to submit a letter of recommendation from a professor and a statement addressing why they are preparing for a career in the grocery industry.

Below are some additional examples of unusual college scholarships:

Healthy Lifestyles Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: May each year, sometimes also in December
  • Award Amount: 1 scholarship award of $5000 each year
  • Requirements: 1000 word essay on why a healthy lifestyle is important and your personal health goals

 Gene Rabbitt Scholarship for Female Boxers

  • Application Deadline: July each year
  • Award Amount: $1000
  • Requirements: Female boxer attending a community college, four-year university or trade school

 Twitter Scholarship 2013

  • Application Deadline: October each year
  • Award Amount: $1400 for winner, $140 for second and third place
  • Requirements: Open to current college students only. Must send a tweet on how Twitter can be used to improve the word in 140 characters or less.

 Left Handed Scholarship 2013

  • Application Deadline: Inquire at the school (Juniata College, Pennsylvania)
  • Award Amount: $1000-$1500
  • Requirements: Must be left-handed, have good grades, and submit a recommendation letter

 Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship

  • Application Deadline: April each year
  • Award Amount: $1000-$5000
  • Requirements: Submit an essay answering the following question: How has skateboarding been a positive influence in your life?

 Star Trek StarFleet Command Scholarship Award

  • Application Deadline: applications accepted from January 1 – June 30 each year. You must be a StarFleet member for one year by June 30 of the award year.
  • Award Amount: up to $500 scholarship award in 20 categories
  • Requirements: visit the website for full information

 Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Contest

  • Application Deadline: Applications accepted from March 19, 2012 to January 16 2013
  • Award Amount: $10,000 plus $1000 for your school
  • Requirements: open to high school, college and military personnel. Must submit a business and consumer friendly card design (front only) using a photo, artwork or computer graphic.

 Proper Use of Credit Essay Contest

  • Application Deadline: February of each year
  • Award Amount: $3000 for first place, $2000 for second place, and $1000 for third place
  • Requirements: Must be a high school senior in Oregon and submit an essay on the proper use of credit.

Duck Calling Contest

  • Application Deadline: typically November each year
  • Award Amount: $2000 1st place, $1000 2nd place, $750 3rd place and $500 4th place
  • Requirements: Open to any high school senior graduating in 2013. Contest is held in Stuttgart, Arkansas

Jif Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest

  • Application Deadline: October 2013
  • Award Amount: $25,000
  • Requirements: Create an original sandwich using Jif brand peanut butter. Only open to children ages 6-12.

Ashley Benson is a distance education professional with five years of experience in the for-profit sector. She has worked coast-to-coast within the United States as an academic advisor, an adjunct teaching assistant and, most recently, a campus Registrar. Through formal education and industry experience, Ashley practices staying informed on the current events and changes within higher education and the students involved.

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