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Many top universities around the world offer distance learning programs for motivated students who want to advance their education and careers. We have detailed reviews of many of them in our education blog, and also a directory of distance learning schools by state. The distance learning universities on this site are accredited and reputable, teaching everything from accounting to audio production, cosmetology to criminal justice, culinary arts to media arts, insurance to nursing and much, much more.

Here are some popular distance learning universities. Each of these schools is highly accredited and offers dozens of degrees in a wide variety of fields. You can earn Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctor’s degrees from most of these schools.

(1) Keiser University. Keiser is one of the bigger online schools. It teaches students many different Business Administration courses (everything from finance to marketing), Health Sciences, Information Technology, Nursing and a course of study that may not have existed ten years ago, Homeland Security.

(2) International Academy of Design and Technology. This school teaches a “laundry list” of subjects, everything from Advertising to Fashion Merchandising, Game Production to Graphic Design (Commercial Art), Web Design to Web Development and much more.

32 comments on “Distance Learning Universities
  1. Sisay sahilu says:

    Dear coordinator i request kindly to learn 1.Business adminstration or 2.Science engineering

  2. Etadu Robert says:

    Kindly make me aware of an line-ponsored course relevant for Development work

  3. alex says:

    hello sir, i’m 4m india n want to study class 10 through online distant learning. plz help.

  4. AARON LARYEA says:

    just join the distance learning program, and would like to be connected to an institution who are in the IT business.

  5. Thokozani Mtchaya Mphande says:

    Am looking for the college which offers Masters Degree in Education/Socialogy/Economics.

  6. SHIRLEY HIBBS says:


  7. Wellings Mwambongo says:

    Please, inform me about sponsored Masters Degree in environment/community development – distance learning.

  8. ldowu Nkeiruka E says:

    what are the feds to do a dregree course on nursing in distance learning

  9. ldowu Nkeiruka E says:

    please inform me on nursing on distance learning.ldowu nkeiruka

  10. Carolle Devaris says:

    I would like to have an access course of nursing from the distance learning on line

    Carolle D.

  11. SYLEVESTER Y. BIJA says:

    Which University do offer Construction Management Degree online program, plz assist me what are their fees I want to enroll emediately

  12. Amit Bhat says:

    Dear Co-ordinator,

    Request you kindly help me to find a Bachelor’s, course is computer engineering or programming that I can pursue through distance learning , as I am based in India

    Best Regards,
    Amit Bhat

  13. Swancy Sarah Lawa says:

    Dear coordinator, I will like to find out if u could assist me in searching for a Barchelor degree programme in computer engineering in university of colorado, the admition process, requirement and the cost. Thanks

  14. Julia Zakaria says:


    Am looking for online learning for integrative nutrition or integrative health please. Thank you.


    I am seeking additional information regarding logistic and cold chain management.

  16. Angela Williams says:

    What colleges or universities offer pharm d online courses? What do I do for studying, financial aid? Do you offer online tutoring? Currently seeking info from University of Florida distance learning.

  17. Sophia Lowe says:

    I am seeking additional information regarding programmes in Labour Economics and Industrial an Labour Relations Thank You.

  18. Israel Kudiabor says:

    I want to know more about degree program on distance learning for Interior Design and Decoration with its cost.

  19. simon says:

    I want information on distance Masters degree in Agronomy with scholarship. I have first degree in Agriculture Agronomy option. Thanks.

  20. Zaouris Dimitris says:

    I would like to inform me about distance learning electrical/electronic engineering degree programs and industrial automation programs.I have an electronics engineer degree in Greece.Also let me know the cost of these programs.Thank you.

  21. Inex says:

    i want to know more about studying accounting through distance learning.

  22. Doris says:

    What do i need to do to study online business adminstration

  23. sharon daniels says:

    I would like to do an access course to give me a qualification that will let me do nursing or midwifery. How do I go about this.


  24. Navid Abyazi says:

    What do I need to do for distance studying?

  25. Guan says:

    which college or university offer distance learning degree course in medical physics?

  26. Adamson Msukwa says:

    college which can offer distance learning in public health and necessary information at degree level

  27. Adamson Msukwa says:

    Need information on college which can offer Degree in public health

  28. Abdelmaboud says:

    please provide me with recent information about distance learning in the field of education and science in india

  29. Ntsoaki Sefume says:

    please tell me more about Degree in distance learning

    • joseph simbwa says:

      can you tell me the cheapest accredited distance learning law school in india and U.K and can consider mature entry.i was born in 1970 and have honorary life experience doctorate.

  30. senem gürkan says:

    please inform me about msc programs in london, distance learning

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