Delaware Distance Learning

Delaware may be one of the smallest states in the United States. But it has several distance learning programs at the high school and college levels. Here are the distance learning programs currently available in Delaware:

The Delaware State House (Photo by Jim Bowen)

The Delaware Center for Distance Adult Learning (DCDAL) is a fantastic distance learning program. It is geared toward individuals looking to earn a high school diploma or a GED. The organization has partnered with James H. Groves High School since its inception in 1997. It allows adults to earn their high school diplomas online and offers prep services for those interested in obtaining a GED. The program has served over 1,000 adults who have each earned a diploma.

The UD Online Distance Learning Program is offered by the University of Delaware. There are over 200 courses and several degree programs available through this program. The degree programs include Associate in Arts, bachelor’s, and master’s programs in disciplines that include engineering and nursing. In addition, University of Delaware undergraduate students can take many of their courses online along with a select number of on-campus classes to fit their individual schedules and needs. There are also online classes offered for those seeking career advancement skills in various fields.

Distance Learning at DSU is the umbrella name at Delaware State University that takes into account three types of distance learning. The school’s web-enhanced courses incorporate some online tools for students to use in their regular classroom courses. The blended learning courses involve some in-class meetings and some online meetings. The online distance education courses are strictly held online with no meetings on campus. Each of these classes involves using Blackboard, a popular web-based software that enables professors and students to connect for certain assignments, exams, and group projects. There are several academic tracks in a variety of majors for students to enjoy distance learning by taking all of their classes online.

Delaware Technical Community College offers Distance Learning courses in various technical majors like programming and engineering. These courses may fall under the categories of web-enhanced classes, hybrid classes that are essentially half in a classroom and half online, and online-only classes that are strictly taught over the Internet. The school recommends that students are well-versed in operating a computer, certain pieces of software, and the Internet in order to fully succeed in its distance learning courses. Most of the degrees offered are two-year degrees.

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