Kansas Distance Learning

For those students in Kansas seeking convenient opportunities to take classes and earn degrees, KS distance education is proving to be the answer. With prestigious universities like Kansas and Kansas State offering a variety of classes for young and old alike, it’s no wonder distance education is becoming more and more popular.

Kansas State University has a great selection of online programs for students. A nationally recognized leader in innovative distance education, Kansas State offers Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees as well as certificates, minors, endorsements and professional development options. Bachelor’s degrees are offered on such topics as Animal Science, Early Childhood Education, Business, Family Studies, Food Science and others. Master’s degree programs run the gamut and include Academic Advising, Agribusiness, Chemical Engineering, Gerontology, Personal Financial Planning, Software Engineering and many others. Doctoral level degrees are offered in Personal Financial Planning. Certificates offered include Conflict Resolution, Grassland Management, Horticulture, Organizational Leadership and Youth Development plus some other topics. Finally, minors offered include Business, Food Science and Nuclear Engineering.

Kansas University is a pioneer within the state when it comes to distance learning. Offering classes to both undergraduate and graduate students, the university has long been a source of innovation when it comes to distance learning. Offering classes in general education as well as law and medicine, they use the latest technology to deliver these classes. They offer a variety of technology trainings to both students and faculty regarding distance learning. Training sessions on Blackboard take place several times throughout each semester, helping both faculty and students have a better distance learning experience. The Law School offers a variety of classes online to help budding lawyers, such as Constitutional Law and Criminal Law. Students will have an opportunity to study this highly demanding subject at their own pace while meeting personal responsibilities.

Johnson County Community College allows those students who do not wish to begin their studies at a four-year university to still experience the benefits of distance learning. Offering a variety of online degrees and certificates, the college gives students the chance to complete courses either at their own pace or meeting deadlines for assignments and projects, depending upon the specific class and its requirements. Students must have the latest computer technology in order to take classes, due to the complexity of the course downloading. Credit and non-credit classes are offered through a variety of means. Most are offered online, but some are offered via television broadcasts on channels 17 and 22 of the local cable systems.

Associate degrees and certificates in many subjects give students a chance to gain training and start careers as quickly as possible. Online degrees are offered in Accounting, Fire Services Administration, Liberal Arts and Administration of Justice. Certificates are offered in Tax Preparation, Nursing Assistance, Personal Computer Applications, Web Applications, Sales and Customer Relations, Supervision and others.

Whatever distance learning needs a student in Kansas has, they are sure to be found at either a community college or a four-year university offering the latest technology.

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