Missouri Distance Learning

Hey, Missouri residents: If you can’t organize your schedule around one dictated by a school, never fear. Just get out your computer: there’s plenty of distance learning opportunities (literally) at your fingertips.

Mizzou Online
University of Missouri’s online program offers over 80 degree and certificate options and over 500 courses for students to take online, on their own time. You can even get a Master’s online from the famous Missouri School of Journalism!

Missouri University of Science and Technology Online
Missouri University of Science and Technology offers year-round credit and noncredit courses online, including graduate programs in in-demand subjects like aerospace engineering and explosives engineering.

Missouri Western State University
Missouri Western State University offers over 200 online classes, at undergraduate and graduate levels. Some classes are self-paced and some entail class meetings and discussions with classmates.

Missouri State Distance Learning
Missouri State University in West Plains has a burgeoning online program: check it out. Along with some general studies courses, you can get an online certificate or associates’ degree in the fun and profitable fields of enology (winemaking) or viticulture (the study of vineyard grapes).

Columbia College Online
Columbia College, based out of Columbia, Missouri, offers 23 different online programs. Over 12,000 students take online courses here every year. You can take the courses in eight-week increments, starting in January, March, June, August, and October. No student fees included.

Missouri Southern State University
Missouri Southern State University offers distance learning for six bachelor’s degree programs and eight Master’s degree programs in practical fields like nursing, teaching, and dental hygiene.

Northwest Missouri State University
Northwest Missouri State University has both online learning opportunities and outreach centers. The extended learning centers are at the Kansas City Center and the St. Joseph Center.

There’s even options for high schoolers who either can’t get to school or live in school districts that don’t offer the classes that interest them:

Missouri Virtual Instruction Program
Missouri Virtual Instruction Program is a state virtual school offering grade school and secondary students online classes that are not offered in their school district. The courses cost money, but some disabled students can get state funding. The courses cost money, but some disabled students can get state funding. The courses are available 24/7 and are overseen by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the State Board of Education.

University of Missouri High School
University of Missouri High School offers a curriculum to complement a traditional high school classes, or offers an alternative way for a nontraditional student to obtain a high school diploma. Students can choose self-paced classes or take classes in a semester format. Students can get credit for high school and college courses with MU Online classes. Tuition is less expensive than college courses.

As you can see, if you’re a slower-paced learner, a stay-at-home parent, caring for loved ones, or have other reasons you can’t attend school in a classroom, you need not give up on education. Look into these courses today!

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