Montana Distance Learning

Distance learning is a great way to study toward a new degree or complete one that has already been started. Montana offers several distance learning programs that will meet your educational needs, from associate’s degree programs to master’s degree programs. Finding the right distance learning program in Montana is easy if you know where to look.

The Montana University system is the largest in the state and includes twelve individual campuses. Students can study in class or online at any of these campuses or enroll in the virtual classroom and complete their degrees completely via the Web. The Montana University system offers associate’s degrees in early childhood education, energy technology, surgical technology and criminal justice, to name a few. Students can complete these degrees online then advance toward study for the bachelor of arts program. Earn a degree in mass communication, nursing, applied science and public relations, among others. The Montana University also offers distance learning programs to complete the master’s and doctoral degree. Students can also earn non-credit endorsements and certificates for career advancement.

Montana State Extended University is the perfect solution for the adult learner who is looking to complete or continue his education. The degree completion program is offered for those that want to complete a bachelor’s degree on an accelerated schedule. Students looking for graduate degrees will find all they need at Montana State’s Extended University program. The program offers master’s degrees in family financial planning, curriculum instruction, agriculture and science and engineering management. Students can also study toward licensure as a principal or superintendent or start doctoral courses with the Center for Learning and Teaching in the West. There are many options available for the student interested in Montana distance learning.

The University of Montana is yet another option for students who want to complete their degrees online. The University offers a “distance education only” option for students who wish to study online exclusively. After applying to the university and meeting admission requirements, students are enrolled in the program and can choose from a variety of programs to meet their educational needs. What makes this program unique is its online GED (general education development) program. This program allows entering students without a high school diploma to qualify for regular university admission. Once the requirements are met, students are able to study online in undergraduate programs such as the associate of applied science and the bachelor of applied science.

For graduate students, Montana Tech offers a number of programs geared toward busy working professionals. The industrial hygiene and the project engineering and management programs offer an in-depth education in the field and prepare the student for the workplace of tomorrow. Students can earn both master’s degrees and graduate certificates online. The program is the only of its kind in the state.

Montana offers great programs for students looking to study online. Montana distance learning programs offer the best associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and certificate programs in the region. Find the right program in Montana distance learning colleges and universities today.

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