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If you live in Pennsylvania and haven’t been able to finish your college degree due to extraneous circumstances, you have plenty of options. Online colleges are more plentiful and respected than ever, and states are offering them for more students every year at the graduate and undergraduate level. There are also classes available for students on career-specific tracks or who are studying for a GED. Here are some programs that will let you study at your own pace:

University of Pennsylvania Online Learning
You can get an Ivy League education online. Penn has a multitude of online options, including continuing education, an electronic book club, audit courses, Wharton School of Business executive courses, and free open-access non-credit courses that anyone can take.

Penn State World Campus
Penn State’s World Campus program was ranked in the top 25 online programs by US News and World Report, and was also the first online program to offer a graduate nursing degree. It has been around for 15 years and has over 12,000 students. It has military-friendly programs, corporate education programs, and programs for disabled students among others. There are over 80 programs available for online learners across the globe.

Pennsylvania College of Technology
Pennsylvania College of Technology has online bachelor of science degrees in applied health studies, automotive technology management, dental hygiene, health information management, nursing, and technology management.

Temple University Distance Learning
Philadelphia’s Temple University has blended/online programs in several disciplines, including a doctorate of occupational therapy and an MBA.

Philadelphia University Online
Philadelphia University offers eight-week online courses six times a year, as well as a virtual midwifery program.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania Distance Learning
Indiana University of Pennsylvania offers online courses that can be taken at any time, at a quality on par with the courses on campus. You can transfer up to 72 credits earned at other universities or during military training.

Pennsylvania Distance Learning Project
This project offers adult basic education courses online or face-to-face at a pace suitable to the student’s needs. Students work as independently as needed. There are work tracks, a GED-training tracks, and a track to get the student prepared for college.

Pennsylvania Distance Learning Charter School
There’s options for high schoolers too. Pennsylvania Distance Learning Charter School is a tuition-free online charter school that’s free for kindergarteners through high school seniors anywhere in Pennsylvania. If your kid is bullied in school, or otherwise finds it difficult to complete a traditional schooling program, this is a good choice. Teachers coordinate the lessons with classes taught in schools to make sure your child gets a comprehensive learning experience on par with traditional students.

Pennsylvania has more distance learning opportunities than most states, meaning that you don’t have to worry if you’re not able to attend a traditional college full-time. These programs will enable you to finish your degree on your time, and you’ll have almost as many available classes as an on-campus student does.

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  1. Monica Baker-Henry says:

    I am already an LPN for 9 years. I am interesting in becoming a RN. I can study on my own time. Please send me the Info. Thank you.

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