Rhode Island Distance Learning

Rhode Island may be the smallest state in America, but it’s one of the biggest when it comes to distance education. The state has been a proponent of distance learning for more than 40 years, and is well-respected throughout the country for its innovative and dedicated approach to helping students further their education. Both high schools and colleges have excellent distance learning programs for students, with each offering a variety of classes from which to choose.

The Community College of Rhode Island offers students a diverse selection of distance learning courses year-round. Both credit and non-credit courses are offered, allowing students the chance to decide what career path they wish to pursue. These classes offer students who have job responsibilities, family obligations or a lack of transportation the chance to pursue a college education without having to be on campus.

Distance learning courses are offered online, through telecourses or as hybrid courses. Online courses are offered using the college’s Blackboard system. Students have assignments and tests due by certain deadlines, and the courses can be accessed day or night. Telecourses are offered on local cable television channels for student viewing, and are usually shown twice a week. Students interact with professors through e-mail. Hybrid courses are done mostly online, but do require some on-campus visits during the semester for specialized instruction. Students can take courses in Accounting, Computer Science, Math, Psychology and many other areas.

Stanley High School offers students wishing to complete a high school diploma or obtain a GED the chance to do so online. Students as young as 16 years old can enroll, and must be residents of Rhode Island and not already be a high school graduate. For those wanting to finish what they started, Stanley High School is a great choice. All diplomas are accredited, coursework is done totally online, lessons can be completed anywhere at anytime and no admission fee is charged. Students who have been homeschooled can transfer credits to this program, and both advanced and remedial courses are offered.

The University of Rhode Island offers online learning to help students earn a degree or certificate. Over 100 courses, from introductory to advanced, are offered 24/7 for a student’s convenience. The school offers an assessment to help students decide if online learning is right for them, a comparison chart to look at the pros and cons of distance learning and traditional classes and even a sample course to test the waters. Online courses are offered in biochemistry, film studies, landscape architecture, microbiology and many other fields. Several certificates are offered to students already possessing an undergraduate degree who don’t wish to pursue a Master’s degree. These certificates are in Digital Forensics and Cyber Security.

Sample courses are available to let students see if they like distance education, and many students who have child-care issues have expressed satisfaction at being able to finish their degrees in this manner. The school offers exam proctoring as well as accommodations for disabled individuals studying online courses.

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