South Carolina Distance Learning

South Carolina is a state known for its many avenues of relaxation. Beautiful beaches, golf courses and other forms of entertainment make it a destination high on any vacationing family’s list. The state is also known for having some of the best higher education in the United States, including an ever-expanding distance learning program. Whether a student is in South Carolina or elsewhere in the world, opportunities exist for students to earn various degrees and certificates from many state schools.

The University of South Carolina offers many distance learning programs. Courses use various formats of delivery to students including streaming video, blackboard chat rooms, web conferencing and Adobe. Instructors usually determine the schedule of the class regarding viewing times, assignments and testing deadlines. Students wishing to take these courses are required to have high-speed internet and appropriate software including Adobe Acrobat. Courses that use streaming video are available online 24 hours a day, seven days a week for student use, and stay online for three weeks. Some courses use DVD’s as part of their package, and when this is the case the materials are mailed to students withn the first two weeks of class.

The university offers graduate level degrees and certificates. Master’s degrees can be obtained in such fields as Statistics, Business Administration, Teaching, Library Science, Nuclear Engineering and many other fields. Certificates are available in Public Health, Higher Education Leadership and Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

The State of South Carolina oversees many different online learning programs for both college and high school classes. The state’s Virtual School Program (VSP) offers free online learning resources to children in grades 7-12 who are attending a public or private school within the state. In addition, it’s also open to those children who have been homeschooled. While it will not allow students to gain their diplomas exclusively online, it will let them earn three credits per school year for a total of 12 credits toward a diploma. Advanced placement courses, credit recovery courses and test preparation courses are offered to students.

Before allowing students to take online classes, they are required to take a technology assessment online test. Results are given immediately, and students are required to provide a copy of the results to their guidance counselor.

The South Carolina Technical College System serves a student population that may find it hard to attend college on a full-time basis or through traditional means. This system helps those students who need to maintain personal and professional lives while earning a college degree. Students interested in pursuing their education along this path can find what they need through the South Carolina TechOnline Consortium. This group allows technical colleges throughout South Carolina to share information regarding classes, degrees, tuition costs, enrollment information and more. Many colleges in this system use streaming video and virtual simulations in their courses, letting students get a very realistic learning experience. With technology constantly changing, this system is able to implement the latest technologies to allow students the best possible learning opportunities.

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