South Dakota Distance Learning

South Dakota is known as a state of wide-open spaces and a rich western history. It has always been a land where opportunities are made through hard work and dedication. It’s the same way with education in the state. Through hard work and dedication, students create pathways to success for themselves. One of the best ways they do so is by taking advantage of the many distance learning opportunities available through the various colleges and universities in the state.

South Dakota State University offers many distance learning programs for undergraduates and graduate students. Whether a person is in-state or halfway around the world, the university has a program that can be tailored for them. Working adults who need flexible schedules, parents taking care of children or students just wanting to take a class without physically being there are excellent candidates for distance learning. Having offered off-campus educational opportunities for over 80 years, the school has much experience in helping students achieve their dreams. Students can choose from Associate, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Certificate programs. Bachelor’s degrees can be obtained in Sociology, Interdisciplinary Studies and Nursing while Master’s degrees include Journalism, Dietetics and Chemistry. Certificates can be obtained in Bioenergy, Financial Planning and Agricultural Law.

The University of South Dakota has many programs that are affordable and convenient to students. Students can obtain degrees ranging from Associate to Master’s, along with various graduate level certificates. Associate degrees can be earned in General Studies, with Bachelor’s degrees offered in General Studies and Addiction Studies. Master’s degrees include MBA’s with specializations in Health Care Administration, Computer Science and Educational Administration. Certificates are available in diverse areas as Long-Term Care Management, Disaster Services, Addiction Studies and Literacy Leadership and Coaching.

The South Dakota School of Mines and Technology is one that offers specialized online programs for those interested in or are already involved in construction, engineering and mining. Courses are delivered by way of streaming videos, requiring students to have access to a computer with the appropriate software to download and play videos. The school offers graduate and certificate programs in Construction Management, Engineering Management and Mining. Degrees in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Construction Management are offered to students with appropriate undergraduate degrees.

The Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance, founded in 1994 brings together resources of top research universities offering graduate studies to students in South Dakota and elsewhere. One of its goals is to offer degrees and certificates in high-demand professional occupations. Many of these occupations will be in agriculture. Examples of program offerings include certificates in Swine Science, Grassland Management, Sustainability Technology and Environmental Law. Another program sponsored by this Alliance is the Military Academic Advancement Program. This program is designed to fit the professional development needs of military service members, spouses, veterans and civilians employed by the military. The programs are fully online, enabling personnel who move around to complete studies at their convenience. The overall goal is to help those serving their country succeed during and after their service.

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