Texas Distance Learning

The Texas Distance Learning Association (TxDLA) is a non-profit association formed to promote the development and application of all forms of distance learning and to implement effective distance learning strategies for Texans and other distance learning practitioners of the global community.

The University of North Texas (UNT) offers a distance learning program with a big variety of online courses.

Texas Tech University (TTU) also offers distance learning degrees, off-campus instruction, and self-paced independent studies.

Central Texas College (CTC) has distance education degrees with six campuses around the world offering many different two-year degrees in TX and for people far away.

Texas A&M University (TAMU) only offers graduate (masters or doctoral) degrees by distance education.

The University of Texas at Austin (UTEXAS) has a K-16 Education Center that has focused its efforts on providing students, parents, and school districts with quality services and courses that meet the demand for greater knowledge and accountability.

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