Washington D.C. Distance Learning

Washington D.C. has long been touted as one of the most educated metro areas in the United States. It is no surprise, then, that it has some of the most comprehensive distance learning programs in the nation. Washington D.C. educational institutions serve students of all varieties, from undergraduate traditional learners to full-time career professionals. Finding a Washington D.C. distance learning program is simple with many universities offering challenging online programs.

The George Washington University offers one of the most well-regarded distance education programs in the district. Geared toward students who want the benefit of the university’s reputation for excellence without on-campus study, George Washington offers a comprehensive online program. Students have the option of studying toward the associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree. There are graduate certificates available that are essential for advancement in the specific careers. Students at George Washington University study toward degrees in clinical laboratory science, museum studies, theater and dance, tourism managment and decision sciences. Students can elect to complete their entire course of study online or enroll in hybrid courses that combine both in-class and online study.

Gallaudet University, the nation’s only university for the hearing impaired, offers a number of its core degree programs online. Students can elect to study toward a master of arts in sign language teaching or a master of arts in school counseling. The university also offers a number of non-degree programs. Students can choose from classes in communication assistive technology, deaf culture and disability studies. These courses prepare students for careers in community education, teaching and educational administration. Gallaudet University uses a variety of media to deliver lessons. Blackboard, instant messenger and chat are all used to deliver classroom lessons in an accessible format.

Potomac College is one of the most popular universities in the Washington D.C. area when it comes to distance learning. This university, which is geared toward undergraduate career-seekers, is known for its online course offerings. Delivered strictly through the Web, Potomac College’s curriculum is designed for students who are learning while working or engaging in research. Potomac college offers undergraduate degree programs in business management, accounting, international business and network security management. Students can also enroll in the university’s MBA program that is delivered completely via the Internet.

American University in Washington, D.C. has one of the most competitive distance learning programs in the region. Taught by professionals in their respective fields, this university’s program offerings include the master of arts in international relations, master of arts in comparative and international disability policy and the graduate certificate in digital media skills. Students are expected to maintain a high grade point average throughout the program and participate in one-on-one faculty/student mentoring. American University in Washington offers courses through live video and audio feeds, using the Blackboard program and through blogs.

Studying toward a distance education degree in Washington, D.C. can be both challenging and rewarding. Immersed in a world of culture with distinguished faculty at your disposal, you will finding learning online at Washington D.C. universities a great investment.

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    Curious about the Washington D.C Distance learning. Does it offer accredited courses? Is it known by another name? Let me know.


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