West Virginia Distance Learning

If you live in West Virginia and haven’t quite managed to get your degree yet, don’t worry. There’s plenty of online options for getting that degree, on your time, and for a fraction of the cost of attending a traditional university. If you need a comprehensive education that allows you free time, look into these programs:

West Virginia University Online
West Virginia University not only offers a multitude of online classes, it has continuing education programs, divisions in other areas, and summer programs. WVU’s online program was ranked in the top 30 online programs by US News!

West Virginia Northern Community College Online
West Virginia Northern Community College offers classes taught both on the student’s time (using the online Blackboard program) and on the teacher’s time (using online video classes). Some courses require students to be on campus periodically: some don’t.

Eastern West Virginia Community and Technical College Online
Eastern West Virginia Community College offers telecourses, video distance learning, web conference classes, and plenty of self-assessments to see if you’re enough of a self-starter to be successful in their programs.

Marshall University Harless Center for Distance Education
Marshall, one of West Virginia’s biggest public colleges, not only offers online courses but advocates for online courses at other schools. Harless Center can help you move your courses online and can provide training or hosting services to get your school to provide more online courses.

Fairmont State Distance Learning
Fairmont State University teaches online courses mostly remotely via Blackboard, at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Concord University Distance Education
Concord University in Athens, West Virginia has several options for online courses. Students can watch web presentations, featuring either live slides or saved slides; live group videoconferencing; and Web-based courses via Blackboard.

University of Charleston Online
University of Charleston, a private college in West Virginia’s capital, has just started offering online courses as of January. Students can get financial aid approved for online courses and for distance programs in Beckley and Martinsburg. Students can get a bachelor’s in accounting, business administration, organizational leadership, and psychology; and a master’s in fine arts or strategic leadership.

West Liberty University, near Wheeling, West Virginia, has online classes with deadlines but no scheduled meetings. It also has new hybrid classes which are half scheduled and half not, including hybrid-virtual (virtual scheduled times), and hybrid-blended (in-person scheduled times).

Mountain State University Online
Beckley’s Mountain State has 20 undergraduate programs and 3 graduate programs, offered on the student’s schedule via Blackboard in eight-week sessions. Mountain State also has remote locations in Martinsburg and even one in Florida.

West Virginia is known for having a high rate of school incompletion, but distance learning offers a low stress, cheaper alternative to spending time in a classroom that may need to be spent somewhere else. These online programs will work around your schedule, whether you’re raising kids or working through college. Look into these online programs today!

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