Wisconsin Distance Learning

Wisconsin is a state on the cutting edge of distance education. While many students still choose to attend traditional brick and mortar colleges and universities, many more are choosing distance education as their way to achieve their educational dreams. Whether it’s an undergraduate degree, graduate degree, certificate or professional development course Wisconsin schools offer whatever a person needs.

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville offers students some of the best distance learning opportunities in the state. Known for its highly regarded engineering, criminal justice and agricultural programs, the school is at the top of the list of Wisconsin distance learning institutions. Experts in adult education, they are used to dealing with working adults with personal and professional responsibilities. The average age of a distance learning student at the school is 34, but students can range from high school graduates to retirees returning to school after long careers.

Undergraduate degrees are available in Criminal Justice and Business Administration. However, it’s their graduate degree programs that make the school a leader in distance education. Offering such programs as Engineering, Project Management, Integrated Supply Chain Management and Adult Education, UW-Platteville aims to provide the latest high-demand degrees for students. One of their crowning jewels of distance learning programs is their graduate degree in Distance Education Leadership. This ground-breaking program allows students to become leaders in distance learning administration and policy analysis, making it one of the most popular degrees offered at the school.

The University of Wisconsin System eCampus is another example of Wisconsin’s dedication to distance education. Maintained by the state’s higher education system, eCampus is a gateway to information about distance learning opportunities at all two and four year colleges and universities. Students who take advantage of these programs have access to student unions and other activities normally found only on traditional college campuses. Examples of some degrees and certificates the site offers more information about include certificates in Fire and Emergency Leadership and Human Resources along with degrees in Golf Enterprise Management and Library Science. From this site, students can also learn how to take online competency tests to allow them to gain college credits for previous life and job experience.

The University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee also has some fine higher education experiences in distance learning. With an emphasis on personalized instruction, the university uses chat rooms and e-mail to let students and professors have a one-on-one interaction very similar to traditional classrooms. Stressing convenience and flexibility, UW-Milwaukee regularly uses webinars and online bulletin boards to keep students engaged and up-to-date on the latest happenings. Offering online certificates in various programs like Social Media Specialist, Project Management, Non-profit Management and Mobile App Development, the university is committed to training students and working professionals in the latest high-tech skills needed for success in today’s ultra-competitive work environment. With such an emphasis on workplace skills, it’s no wonder the school is considered a state leader in workplace education and training. No matter the need or interest, Wisconsin schools can provide the necessary training.

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