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The University at Albany – State University of New York is a public university that stands as the flagship campus of the progressive State University of New York System and is located, of course, in Albany, New York. The university, often referred to as SUNY Albany, is recognized around the world as a quality public research university and has provided many opportunities to graduate and undergraduate students in that respect. SUNY Albany can be seen investing its time into the fields of Nanotechnology, Public Policy, Biotechnology, Globalization, and many new, exciting, and emerging fields.

SUNY Albany offers offers three online graduate degrees as well as a certificate. These degrees have been instituted and tempered by the test of time and continued results. All courses and lessons taught online can be expected to match the quality of education material and activity held on campus.

The three online graduate degrees are the Master of Science in Curriculum Development & Instructional Technology, the Master of Science in Childhood Education, and the Master of Science in Early Childhood. There is also a Certificate in Public Health Fundamentals & Principles. The certificate is meant to be used as an addition to a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree somewhere in the health sciences.

The M.S. in Curriculum Development & Instructional Technology is an integrative degree that combines two aspects of education together in a shared field of expertise. The degree is generally meant for individuals who want to further their expertise in either field, but also provides its own unique benefits. Individuals earning this credential can combine the specificity of curriculum and program formation with the advantages of available technologies for the various fields administered. This qualifies a student to coordinate high-ranking responsibilities in education institutions.

The Master of Science in Childhood Education and the Master of Science in Early Childhood are two takes on the same qualification. This degree can be used for teaching, the Childhood Education variant for low elementary grades through 6th grade, and the Early Childhood variant used for early development stages up until 2nd grade. These degrees can be used in the context of teaching, or in the context of coordinating education programs for each respective stage of childhood.

The Certificate of Public Health serves as a capstone to a related health service degree or a foundation for further study in the field of public health. This certificate equips a student with credits that can be later applied to a Bachelor of Master of Public Health, and similar credentials. Students enrolling in this program learn about the changing field of Public Health and the challenges involved. Classes in this program and all of the other degrees can be taken in class, online, or in some combination of the two.

Graduate tuition rates are $6,900 per year, if the student is enrolled full-time and a resident of the state of New York. Otherwise, in-state students pay $288 per credit hour. Out-of-state graduates pay $10,920 per year for full-time study, and $455 per credit hour for part-time study.

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