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The University of Akron was founded in 1870 as Buchtel College, created initially to be compatible with the Universalist church, but soon given over to the city of Akron, Ohio, becoming a state school by 1967. Located on 218 acres and bringing in a student body of around 29,000, UA welcomes students from around the world (80 countries) and offering over 300 undergrad and graduate degree programs, as well as numerous technological educational tools.

With too many programs and majors to name here, let it be said that Akron has the degree or certification you’re looking for, as well as the research facilities and tools to encourage learning well outside the textbook. A STEM focused institution (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), they are respected worldwide and offer numerous sites for learning in the Ohio area away from the main campus.

Though there are no completely online undergrad degree offerings at Akron, there is a wealth of distance learning options and online classes available, both for traditional students and those looking for continuing/adult education. The only online degree program is a graduate Master in Postsecondary Technical Education, attainable completely without on campus visits, through UAkronOnline.

For all students, UAkronOnline offers a variety of choices in which “technology is used to facilitate the learning process”, ranging from “real time audio and video communication, to online classes delivered over the Internet using a fully featured learning management system”. Not only do online students receive the same “Akron Advantage” (i.e. documented excellence, breadth of academic offerings, and information technology leadership) as traditional learners, but they are also able to more quickly and efficiently complete their degree program of choice without sacrificing high academic standards. Online classes are small in size and encourage online interaction with students/faculty, as well as complete access from anywhere and allow “opportunities to make connections with peers in similar fields”.

Online classes follow the same semester and time guidelines as traditional classes, with a motto that “online learning doesn’t mean on your own”, which means there are many resources available to Internet learners. From online book buying and advisement/counseling, to computer based testing and eTutoring (offered the through the Ohio eTutoring Collaborative, with access to online tutoring in math, writing, and biology, to name a few).

Distance learning doesn’t stop with internet offerings, though, and UA has, since 1999, “committed millions of dollars to its synchronous distance learning facilities and… videoconferencing technology”. With 29 different distance learning classrooms, these state-of-the-art facilities use multimedia and videoconferencing technologies to connect classrooms around the country and the world. Utilizing this virtual ability to teach classes, expand knowledge, and host speakers, UA has the ability to “expand the classroom to limits that only imagination can define”.

For those looking for continuing and adult education, whether for work towards a degree, non-credit education, or certification, UA offers solutions for you. Using evening and weekends classes, as well as non-traditional or distance delivery methods, Akron ensures that all learners, can find the time to enhance their knowledge and advance in their careers (or start a new one).

With nationally ranked academics and research programs and a vast amount of online and distance learning options to aid any student’s schedule, the University of Akron is proud not only of its traditional education, but values the innovations of its distance learning program and passes the ease of technological learning to its students.

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