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“A world renowned research university and medical center-a first choice for education and health care”, the University of Alabama at Birmingham has grown from a two room school of 116 students in 1936 to an 83 block behemoth of health care education, as well as 12 other academics departments offering degrees at all levels. Home to the one of the top medical centers in the country, respected worldwide as a highly active and innovative research community, and focused on teaching its 18,000+ students the value of service, UAB offers the opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed all in one place.

With over 140 degree programs, including 49 Bachelor, 46 Master, 36 PhDs, and certifications, UAB has programs for any student, but with a special focus on health and education, areas vital to Alabama’s growth and success. Academic tracts include the only nursing PhD in the state, one of only 4 Forensic Accounting/Information Technology degrees in the country, and undergraduate programs (Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering) usually only offered at the graduate level. Hands on research and faculty mentoring exist at all levels, not just in Master/PhD programs, and the same in depth learning can be found from freshman year to your doctoral semesters (student/faculty ratio is 18:1).

Distance learning at UAB is a growing field, bringing the same “world class faculty and challenging courses [that] make UAB a first choice for education”. Still in its infancy, there are currently only two online Bachelor degrees, a B.S. in Health Information Management and another B.S. in Health Sciences (health care related majors are plentiful at UAB). In addition, there are numerous online classes offered for students looking to work on extra credit on their own schedule, or for those who can’t find time in their schedule to take traditional, daytime scheduled classes. Some, like Music Appreciation, require some semester meetings on campus for orientation, mid-terms, and final exams, but many, from Management Processes/Behaviors to Clinical Research, require in class work at all, allowing students to work on their own daily schedule (though daily work is required and semester guidelines are the same as the traditional classes). All 12 academic departments have offerings for online classes, with more degree programs coming soon.

Students working online are also given the same tools and aid as traditional ones, though some courses (e.g. Basic Algebra, Pre-Calculus) are designed for “self starters who are confident in their abilities to master” that particular class and offer only occasional email support, with the student working without lectures off of computer assigned materials. Otherwise, everything from an online class search to advisement and help are offered through BlazerNet, their online community, providing “centralized access” to the UAB community. “Almost everything…can be found online at BlazerNet”, including advisement, library and book store access, parking information, and even career services. There is also a UAB testing center, for online students who need proctored exams, as well as correspondence course exams, undergrad/graduate admission tests, and certification/licensure finals.

As student research and innovation is highly valued, there is an Honors Science/Technology program, an Early Medical Professional Schools Acceptance program (shadowing physicians while completing undergrad work, with guaranteed acceptance to a graduate medical program), and a Global/Community Leadership program focuses on creating service leaders.

Valuing experiential education (with the facilities to thoroughly explore it), research, and giving back to the community (both in state and abroad), UAB offers not just distance education, but fine academics for all students.

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    i am an agriculture engineer and from iran so 40 years old.i wish to earn please medical. please you help me.
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