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Established in 1831, the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa is “the state’s flagship university”, both the oldest and largest for the state. Originally termed a holy “seminary of learning”, it has, of course, grown huge over the intervening years, billowing to over 30,000 students annually and offering undergrad and graduate degree programs across 12 academic departments, as well as numerous research opportunities (UA’s undergraduate research opportunities are becoming one of the “hallmarks” of the school).

The “Capstone of higher education” offers Bachelor, Master, PhD, and certifications in more than 200 fields of study, including one of the top Law programs in the country and fantastic Education and Nursing departments. Consistently put in the top 50 of public universities by US World&News Report, there is a surprisingly low 18:1 student faculty ratio and fantastic programs for research, work study, and service, allowing true experiential learning outside the classroom.

There are numerous online offerings and distance learning opportunities at Alabama, including programs designed specifically for military (GoArmyEd provides online and distance learning for active military) as well as evening/weekend college and full use of videoconferencing and DVD taught classes. Academic Outreach “delivers high school and college courses over the Internet” and ‘bama even maintains a correspondence program called Independent Study Through Independent Study, with written coursework sent through the mail (you know, with stamps and envelopes) for both high school and college students (allowing up to 25% of a bachelor program to be completed without going to classes or having a computer).

For strictly online learners, there are a fantastic amount of classes available, both in core curriculum areas and degree specific ones. For both undergrads and graduate students, Alabama offers 30+ online degrees and certifications, including B.S. programs in General Studies and Food/Nutrition, numerous Master degrees from their MA in Educational Psychology to the blended MS in Aerospace Engineering (utilizing a combination of online and DVD/streaming video distance learning classes). There is even a dual undergrad/graduate degree designed for Registered Nurses holding an Associates, allowing one to bring in both a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Nursing without interrupting life for school (completely online with practicals/labs accomplished on the job as a RN). Several non-degree and minor programs also exist completely online (e.g. Chinese, Online Computing Technology) and there are also several blended offerings, which use some traditional classes combined with online, operating out of UA locations in Dothan, Gadsden, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Evening and weekend college is also offered on campus, ensuring working adults or those with daytime/weekday responsibilities can still find time to degree in both Bachelor (several including a BA in Criminal Justice) and Master categories (one such is an MA in Business Management). There are External Degree programs in several delivery methods, interdisciplinary undergraduate degrees that pull from various other majors of study to create new ones that suit a student’s specific educational goals. All coursework, regardless of delivery system, is offered in the same semester guidelines as traditional classes, with online learners enjoying the same highly trained faculty and full education as their on campus equivalents.

UA prides itself on remaining on the cutting edge of learning technology, offering numerous delivery methods for students seeking education and bringing in the largest amount of intellectually curious possible. At Alabama, education is for all.

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