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The University of Alvernia was constituted as a as a private four-year liberal arts college in 1958. Alvernia then received its charter from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1960. It became known as a University in it’s 50th year in 2008. Alvernia was founded by the Bernardine sisters, a Catholic religious order. The University is guided by it’s motto “To Learn, To Love, To Serve” and in the five core values that Alvernia represents, service, humility, peacemaking, contemplation, and collegiality. Located primarily in Reading, Pennsylvania, it’s main campus consists of 121 acres. The University is also located in two other areas in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and Pottsville.

Of the professors in the University of Alvernia, almost two-thirds of them hold the highest degree in their field. The student-to faculty ratio is 14:1. In the 2010 school year, most classes held at the university have 20 students or less. There are 2,900 students that attend Alvernia including 1,500 traditional undergraduates, 600 continuing education students, and 780 graduate students. Over 77% of first-year students live on campus. About 99% of the undergraduates are recipients of some type of financial aid including scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study. Each year, The University award more than $3 million in assistance to such students. The University has more than 55 student groups including intramural and intercollegiate sports, academic clubs, honor societies, student government, and faith-based, arts, environmental, and service clubs.

The University of Alvernia offers Distance Education, education off campus, through a variety of programs. One of these programs is the MBA Online program which allows students to earn their Master’s degree in Business Administration, while still providing a flexible learning environment for busy individuals. Knowing the demands and difficulties of life, these programs are designed to be completed within a reasonable time from start to finish. These courses are taught by accomplished professors who offer the professional experience, academic credentials, and expertise that are characteristic of Alvernia faculty. Distance learning gives the student time to learn more of the material at their own pace making learning seamless, and allowing graduate students to turn course content into usable tools and skills for the workplace.

Among the Graduate degrees by the University of Alvernia are Master of Business Administration, Master of Education, Master of Arts in Community Counseling and more. There is also a two-year program that leads to the Associate of Science degree and evening programs that include non-degree tracks.

Students of Distance Education through Alvernia University can expect projects, case studies, examinations of their choice of program, and much more. Conclusion of a capstone course requires completion of a major field test. For the comprehensive capstone projects, here will be a weekend seminar held, in which the students present the project to the professors. The University of Alvernia measures their success by the amount of success reflected by their graduate’s personal and professional satisfaction. Graduates of The University work in many fields, including health care, social services, large and small businesses and many more.

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