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Founded in 1925, the University of Baltimore was a first a private institution designed  to “provide low-cost, part-time evening study is business and law” with a initial class of 62 law and 114 business students. A state institution fifty years later and then a full member of the University System of Maryland by 1988, today UB “still educates [in] business and law, but…added many full-time day programs and an array of professional oriented liberal arts programs”.

Today’s University of Baltimore offers its 6,500 students (3200+ undergrad, another 2100 grad students and another 1100 law students) an array of some 50 odd degree options, ranging from Bachelor to doctoral. The campus, located in downtown Baltimore, Maryland, houses two colleges (Public Affairs and Arts/Sciences) as well as a comprehensive School of Business (broken in to 5 departments: Accounting, Finance/Economics, Information Systems/Decision Science, Management/International Business, and Marketing/Entrepreneurship) and a well-respected School of Law that is the 6th largest in the nation.

For undergrads, four of the programs are degree completion courses requiring some previous college or an Associate degree from a two year school (in Forensic Studies, Health Systems Management, Human Services Administration, and Applied Information Technology), but the other 15 Bachelor programs are typical tracts. Non-degree programs in Business and Liberal Arts are also offered.

Graduates have more to choose from, with 11 Masters and two doctoral programs in the Arts/Sciences alone (including a MFA in Creative Writing/Publishing Arts and a Doctor of Public Administration). The Business school offers another four Master degree options, as well as a Master’s Advantage program designed to give those already holding a Business Masters or PhD “the opportunity for lifelong learning and professional development” with non-credit course for personal knowledge and gain. Meanwhile, the Law School has both Master and doctoral level degrees (with 2 LL.M. degrees in Taxation and Law of the United States, and a JD in Law (a Juris Doctor, the professional PhD for law). Several graduate certificate programs are also available and, including JD degrees combined with Criminal Justice, Public Administration, or Negotiations/Conflict Management Master’s degrees, and MBAs combined with a Nursing MS, a Nursing PhD, and a Pharmacy Master’s.

There are really only partial online degree programs at UB, though there is a BS in Business Administration (recognized as a best buy by However, it truly seems there is no course of study at UB without some online option for students to take advantage of. The many online classes are managed by the Sakai courseware-management system, offering “technology-enabled teaching, learning, research, and collaboration” with all the tools needed to “create fully online courses or publish supplementary [online] materials for face-to-face”. UBOnline gives both undergrads and grad students ways to earn UB credit without fighting the traffic, and with the same cost/quality of traditional equivalents. 27 undergrad courses range from Marketing Management to Experience of Literature to World Cultures:Buddhism, while graduate offerings in another 30 classes include Intro to Accounting, Operations Management, and Business Statistics (in truth, most online courses, especially for undergrads, are business related).

Online resources include a 24 hour Help Desk, advisement, registration, and access to library materials, including remote access to 75 electronic databases and Interlibrary Loan, as well as an online textbook store that makes buying books for both traditional and distance learners a breeze. Online courses “are not independent study… [and] are highly structure…require frequent interactions with instructors and with other students…[so that] an online student…may get to know instructors and classmates better than the classroom student”. Many programs (and individual classes) use blended/hybrid formats to strengthen learning outside the classroom, using available technology to deliver a depth of learning not found in the traditional class.

Still touting great law and business programs, but with options for undergrads and liberal arts students in Baltimore as well, UB continues marching forward without forgetting where it came from.

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  1. gerlyn baugbog says:

    what is the program all about?

  2. Isiodu, Francis. Adiela says:

    I need the information on distance correspondence/online learning programme.

  3. Isiodu, Francis. Adiela says:

    I need detailed information on enrolling for the following programmes. Msc and Phd in Accounting. My qualifications are—ACIA,AMNIM,MBA-Accounting. I am from Nigeria and resident in Nigeria.

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