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Originally created as a Catholic boarding school for boys by the Society of Mary in 1850, the University of Dayton has grown to become not only a “leader of higher education”, but also “one of the preeminent Catholic universities in the nation”, and the largest private university in Ohio. Opened on farmland in Dayton to a first class of 14 primary students, it now weighs in around 11000 full and part-time students of all sexes and faiths, located on a campus measuring around 373 acres.

With over 70 undergraduate programs of study, as well as 50 Master’s degrees and just under a dozen PhD programs, as well as certificates and post-graduate licensures and specialist degrees, UD runs the spectrum of majors, including the first BA in Human Rights. The campus houses 8 schools (including a renowned Law School and a stellar School of Education), as well as a student neighborhood and research facilities.

Majors trend to education and business, with a major international partnership that brings in and sends out students to study abroad at Marianist campuses nationwide and around the world. On campus learning is highlighted by lessons that “take place in the classroom and on the front porch”, with a close-knit community that extends in to surrounding Dayton (UD has been recognized for “giving back” to its surrounding community several times) and a commitment to service that extends from their Catholic background.

The University of Dayton utilizes Sakai, Elluminate, and Microsoft Web Expression to offer e-learning in a number of areas, from online classes and online components to traditional classes, to fully online graduate degree programs and certifications.

Offered primarily, though not solely through the School of Education and Allied Professions, online degrees in this area include  2 MS in Educational Leadership (a general one and one with a concentration in Catholic School) and 3 MS in Education (with concentrations in Literacy, Early Childhood Leadership and Adcvocacy, or, obviously, Technology Enhanced Learning).  There are also Post-Master’s courses for Principal Licensure entirely on the Web (simulating “on the job” experiences and providing knowledge in the use of advanced learning technologies), able to be taken without interrupting daily responsibilities (probably as an acting principal already) and around half a dozen teacher education endorsements and certifications (from an Early Intervention certificate to Reading Endorsements for Teachers).

UD also has an online MS in Engineering and Management and Management Services, with the entire 36 credit hour tract taught through Web conferencing software that uses two way audio and a live whiteboard to bring students in to the classroom without leaving their computer.

Online options also exist for those looking to complete a Bachelor degree (with an existing Associate or college credits). Depending on the amount of prior schooling and the area of study, many in the Adult Degree Advancement program can finish a 4 year degree with little on campus work and most traditional education can be done nights and weekends. There are also discounted academic enrichment (for undergrads only) and non-credit classes, as well as online courses for graduate, non-degree students. Even transient students (those enrolled at other universities) have options for online courses without transferring.

One of the ten largest Catholic schools in the US and home to one of the largest campus ministry programs in the world, as well as routinely awarded from being a top Tier school, the University of Dayton has numerous online and on campus programs for all learners.

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