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The oldest independent university in the Rocky Mountain region, the University of Denver is a doctoral research institution that has been around since 1864 when it was founded as a seminary. Today, it stands on 125 acres with a student body of around 12,000, the majority of which are graduate students.

UD has 8 undergraduate schools and 12 graduate schools under its roof, with degree program from Bachelor to PhD, with dual degree options, certifications, and specialist tracts. There are an astounding  120 graduate degree programs and another 100 undergrad, all benefiting from experiential teaching, hands on research opportunities, and the type of professional training all occupations welcome. Study abroad programs work arm in arm with applied learning experiences and the resources of Denver to truly give a breadth of learning to all degree programs, whether it’s in Health Care, Taxation, or Engineering.

UD’s University College (aka UD’s College of Professional and Continuing Studies) offers distance learning for both online and weekend workers, offering flexible options for both Bachelor completion and Master’s degree programs. Here, though, that flexibility is taken further than just non-traditional formats and learning times, with a customizable Master’s program and an undergraduate core curriculum that offers professional training employers are looking for, in addition to academic, general education.

The online Master’s at UD is designed to be designed for you, by you, with a Professional Options Curriculum that helps focus a graduate’s chosen field, all the while providing a broad ranging education that is immediately applicable in most career fields. Graduate Research and Writing, Professional Foundation, and Professional Specialty courses are required for both online and weekend graduate distance learners, with major offerings in 10 programs across 39 areas of study (including Telecommunications Technology, Creative Writing, Information Security, and Natural Resource Management). Proving that “you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for flexibility and relevance in your education”, the UD online Master’s program gives both the qualities employers want in any field and a variety of choices in both study and delivery method (students can do online, weekend, evening, or any combination of learning styles).

For undergrads with at least a year of higher education under their academic belts, utilizing the same flexibility in time and delivery, but also providing ease of credit transfer (the first 96 are considered electives), creating courses that are “far from 101…more advance and age appropriate for your experiences as a working adult” going back to school, not as a high school kid hitting college for the first time. Online or off hours, this program offers 5 different BA options that can be completed with no traditional schooling, in useful areas like Communication Arts and Science&Technology, all starting with the UD Common Learning Experience, educating students in advanced skills that go beyond 101, introductory courses. There’s even a dual-degree option that can get distance learners a Master’s at the same time, reducing the course load by eight credit hours overall.

Other online offerings include a newly introduced Master of Taxation program utilizing real time classroom streaming that brings online learners into the Denver classroom from home, but is only offered to those who live within 50 miles of Denver. Certificates are also offered, including to UD employees with over 2000 online professional/business courses that helps with a teacher’s “annual development” and can earn Online Professional Development certificates for every 5 courses taken under the same curriculum. Traditional students can also take online classes to help work towards oncampus majors.

UD has a lot of history and success on its side, with numerous recognitions for excellence, value, and flexibility, as well as renowned programs, from Law to Education, all designed to help you succeed beyond getting that piece of paper that says you are degreed.

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