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The University of Detroit Mercy was created as a Jesuit college in 1877 (then called Detroit College), before it was combined with Mercy College of Detroit in 1990 to become as it is today. Changing its name to UD Mercy to further reflect its Roman Catholic heritage, it also represents their mission of seeking to “integrate the intellectual, spiritual, ethical, and social development” in all of their 100 academic programs.

Currently residing across three campuses of urban Detroit, UDM offers its 5500+ student body liberal arts based training in majors as divergent as business and nursing, teacher education and engineering. The seven colleges and schools include a Law School on its Riverfront campus, the largest supplier of dental graduates in the state from the Dental School/Clinic on the Corktown Campus, and Bachelor to PhD programs for both undergrad and graduates on its main McNichols campus.

Utilizing Blackboard, UDM does offer some online classes, with many other “web enhanced”, including supplemental online materials and video/audio streaming for further study, but there are no completely online degrees for either graduate or undergraduate distance learners. TitanConnect also helps with online registration and university online services, but even with three technologically equipped campuses, there really is no true distance learning option is in place here, online or otherwise.

However, there are many experiential opportunities at UDM, with an extensive study abroad program that sends students to places ranging from China (Jesuit Universities Study Program, a summer cultural studies trip, a Beijing Center program offered through the College of Business Administration, and a Beijing engineering exchange sponsored by Ford) to Italy (two summer programs, one to study art and history, another for achitechture).

Accelerated programs are in place to help students earn two UDM degrees in one, abbreviated program, including 5-year BS/MS programs in 3 areas (a dual engineering, a biology&chemistry/biochemistry, and one in mathematics&software engineering) and another in business (an BSBA/MBA). There are also five year Bachelor/Master tracts in teacher education, cybersecurity, and archietecture. There’s even a 7 year BS/DDS dual-degree that earns a dental surgery doctorate by schooling’s end.

Not only taking advantage of opportunities at home across bustling Detroit, the university’s Cooperative Education program places 350+ undergraduate students annually in paid, experiential program designed to give them the hands on training not normally afforded other students (and definitely not for wages). The third oldest co-op program in the nation, it is a required part of all engineering, nursing, and architecture tracts.

Still very true to its Roman Catholic heritage, community outreach, service oriented endeavors/partnerships, and ministry programs designed to help direct the academic future of students in universally helpful ways. Working both in Detroit and around the globe, UDM students are reminded of their mission of service to God in everything they do, seeing how they can use their education for the betterment of the whole.

With recognized dentistry, nursing, and business programs, as well as innovative majors and service oriented, hands on educational methods, UDM stands alongside instate monsters shoulder to shoulder as a respected and renowned Michigan school.

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