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The University of Mount Union is a baccalaureate college of the liberal arts affiliated with the United Methodist Church and is located in Alliance, Ohio. This university takes the unique approach of being dynamic in its style of education. It would seem obvious that no one model of education works for every student, but many colleges stick to a single paradigm with no flexibility. Thankfully, there’s the University of Mount Union, where different fields of study are treated as such and, often times, have their own separate college emphasizing the material in its own light.

Although the educational opportunities at the University of Mount Union are vast, there currently seems to be nothing in the bag for distance learners just yet. As a university, Mount Union has many resources to work with and is apt to install online courses in the near future. Many universities, regardless of size, affiliation, and rank have eventually and successfully assembled distance learning platforms for geographically isolated students to take advantage of. In this respect, distance learners can expect opportunities to arise soon.

Mount Union is the place to resort to especially when pursuing an education somewhere in the field of Business. Students at Mount Union achieve at least a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration or a Bachelor of Business Administration. Most Christian colleges specialize mainly in Business, with the fields of Nursing and Elementary Education closely in tow. Not surprisingly, Early Childhood Education & Teaching is the second most popular major at the University of Mount Union.

What’s unique about the university is that there is much student concentration in fields surrounding the topic of physical fitness. Sport & Fitness Administration is the third most popular major at the university and Kinesiology & Exercise Science ranks fifth. Mount Union is said to have excellent programs in these fields in addition to its prestigious emphasis on Business matters.

As a baccalaureate university, students enrolling at Mount Union need only concern themselves with undergraduate tuition rates. Undergraduate students enrolling full-time will pay $22,870 per year and, when enrolling part-time, should expect to pay $965 per credit hour. Many high quality, private Christian institutions will land somewhere above the yearly cost of $20,000 per year. Fortunately, as a Christian institution, the resources and financial backing enables 99% of students to receive financial aid in some form and to some degree.

State and local sources have done well to supply students with tuition aid and are responsible for supplying 9 out of 10 students on average each year. Federal grants are dispersed to approximately 3 out of 10 financial aid recipients. The University of Mount Union hosts a variety of scholarships, awards, and grants based on various factors and has awarded these to an average of 99% of its students.

The University of Mount Union is a unique, dynamic place for a Christian student to pursue their education. Distance learners may not yet have an opportunity to participate in Mount Union’s academics, however, online classes are most likely on their way and, possibly, online degree programs as well.

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