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The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was the first state university in the nation when it opened its doors in 1795 and still stands as the only US university to degree students in the 18th century. Chartered in the same year Washington was inaugurated, their first student was admitted on 2/12/1795, but they’ve grown some since then, currently taking in 4,000 of the 24,000 students who apply annually, with a total student body in the neighborhood of 29,300.

Upholding the Carolina Covenant tradition, UNC Chapel Hill offers affordable, high quality education to all qualified students, with numerous programs to ensure their ability to be educated. The school offers Bachelor through PhD training, as well as certifications and professional training in “academic areas critical to North Carolina’s future” such as business, medicine, education, and law, all highly accredited and with a wealth of successful history behind them. There are currently 77 bachelor’s, 109 master’s, and 66 doctorate degree programs across the 14 schools that make up the university, located on a 729 acre swath of Chapel Hill called University Town.

UNC Chapel Hill has a wealth of online opportunities for students, from certifications to Bachelor, Master, and PhD degree programs, some hybrid programs and others completely without on campus learning. There are two doctoral level programs in Public Health and Physical Therapy, both of which require some attendance at Chapel Hill’s campus (usually only a couple visits during the first two years, as the third year of the program is for dissertation work), but the bulk of the work is done online (utilizing the cohort system for the entirety of the programs). There are another 8 Masters programs for distance learners, including an online MBA program that includes opportunities for “immersion experiences”, optional quarterly capstone weekends that allow leadership and skill developments at globally located workshops.

There is one Bachelor program online, a nursing program allowing RNs to become BSNs with online classes and immersive internet exercises, including a clinical course that can be arranged to be taken near wherever the distance learner is. Online certifications number around 6 and vary from Occupational Health-Nursing to Technology/Communication. There are also a number of online courses for learners in all departments offered each semester, as well as numerous online aids and resources.

Carolina Course Online allows any student to take for credit undergrad courses through UNC Chapel Hill, operating on the same semester schedule as traditional students, but with all communication through email and discussion boards. There’s even a Self Paced Courses Online program that lets learners work through online classes at their own pace, with no in class work and no timelines.

Research and education are at the forefront of most UNC Chapel Hill conversations, with highly awarded and recognized programs that regularly gain acclaim. Part of the Research Triangle with neighbors Duke and NC State, they work at solving not just state issues, but global problems with well funded and diverse research topics bringing in students and faculty with top notch training in their fields (usually from the UNC system, surprising enough).

Athletics are also a big push here, with numerous division I programs, great rivalries (if you’ve never been to a Tar Heels/Blue Devils game, you don’t know anything about NCAA basketball rivalries), a storied past, and some big name players (anyone ever heard of Michael Jordan?).

With as many programs as there is interest and need, with award winning research departments, with numerous online options, and with more programs than can be listed here, UNC Chapel Hill is more than just a sports school, but one of the oldest and most respected higher education spots in the entire USA.

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