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The University of Saint Francis a university of the liberal arts that shares affiliations with the Roman Catholic Church and is situated in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Students at the university can pursue any which major they choose. This ranges from liberal arts, to health sciences, through professional studies, and on to creative arts.

USF offers online courses for a variety of purposes. Student can enroll online and take the physical burden of attending classes off their back. Students can make use of online courses for independent, self-paced study. In other cases, such as for the Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, students must follow a certain pace to match the other students in timeline.

The Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is designed for registered nurses who want to acquire a role of leadership in hospital, healthcare settings, or for a role in graduate studies. This is also a good program for nurses that simply want to increase their earning potential. The program has received accreditation from both the Indiana State Board of Nursing and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Beside the RN to BSN program offered at the university, there are no other distance learning program options published. It could be that the online course selection is only wide enough to support the complete major of nursing. Graduate programs are becoming increasingly popular in an online setting, so the next development in distance learning will most likely be a program for a Master of Science in Nursing.

The University of Saint Francis has an Office of Financial Aid though which a student can simply the process of financing their education down to sitting with an advisor one on one to discuss financial aid options. Because of this, over 90% of students attending this university are receiving financial aid in some form, from some source, and to some extent. There are scholarships, payment plans, grants, loans, and awards available for the reaping.

USF offers academic scholarships that require a full-time undergraduate student’s full enrollment based on renewable criteria. There are also discounts for alumni wishing to obtain second degrees. There are need-based grants and grants based on religious factors as well. There are also specialized grants, like the University of Saint Francis 21st Century Grant.

For undergraduate students, full-time tuition costs an average of $11,975 per semester. For a credit hour, the standalone price is $730 for undergraduates. If an undergraduate is enrolled in the ACE School, tuition is $300 per 3 credit hour class and, for the ACE Diocesan School, $250 per 3 credit hour class. For graduate students, tuition runs the rate of $770 per credit hour. There is also a discounted rate for senior citizens, $245 per credit hour. Financial aid and tuition costs at the University of Saint Francis are such that a student need not fret over the quality nor expense of their education whatsoever.

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