University of Tampa’s Automatic Admissions Day: A Review

Two days ago, I had the pleasure of experiencing a great opportunity to get into a private university: the University of Tampa’s Automatic Admissions Day. It is on this day that representatives from the university would come to various high schools and evaluate the students to measure if they are worth being admitted into the University of Tampa.

Although nervous, I took note of what was going on mentally to portray to the public what it is like to be a part of this.

A gorgeous school with an awesome admission’s day! (photo by Hyku)

The Preparations

In preparation, one was to complete an application on UT’s website. Like any application, one was required to send in SAT or ACT scores to the admission’s office, as well as their transcript. Of course, considering Automatic Admissions Day is done at the high schools, the school will have your transcript on file and you will not have to prepare that yourself.

With signing up for this “interview,” one is also told that the application and essay both have waivers on them. This means that the whole opportunity was free and not even slightly time consuming.

The Interview

The representatives, of course, will greet you and then begin to review your SAT/ACT scores. They will ask you simple questions based on your conduct. It is not that if you have been arrested, for example, that you necessarily will not get in, but they must ask to ensure that you would be a prime student for their school and also that you would regard other’s safety.

Then, the heart-stopping result would come from the representative’s mouth. The setting is a little impersonal, as other students are sitting around you, awaiting their turn to talk with the representative. Because of this impersonal setting, the representatives will not say no as an answer. Instead, they will tell you what you can do to improve your probability of acceptance into the school.

For example, I overheard another student being told that he should send in his updated SAT/ACT scores as soon as possible. It is not necessarily embarrassing, however, they do offer you other chances to get into the school.

Please note that although one may be told they need improvement in aspects of their application, that does not mean that their chances have been shot down. 

If they say yes, then they will congratulate you and let you know as to what scholarships you are eligible for. They will hand you a folder, with a letter inside that will claim that after some time is given to process, your admission status will become “accepted” on your UT account.

You then have several months to decide whether or not you would like to attend the University of Tampa.


What a great experience this was! Not only were the benefits entirely free, the participants had to do barely any work. If you are interested in the University of Tampa’s Automatic Admissions Day, feel free to contact your school’s counselors or career advisors. I’m sure they’d be obliged to help in your path for your future.

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