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One of my personal favorite websites is Pinterest, where you “pin” links to things you would like to share with others, as well bookmark for yourself. In searching several “education” topics, I have found tools that may help you in your schooling. Below are the links and descriptions of the tools I have provided you, via Pinterest.

The best educational tools are ones that substantially benefit you. (photo by nniknak)

The best educational tools are ones that substantially benefit you. (photo by nniknak)

Need a helping hand with your presentation? Perhaps something to give it an extra punch? The more aesthetically pleasing your presentation, the better. Here are 18 Must Have Free Educational Templates to make your presentation stand out among the others.
Another tip with giving presentations: do not read your Powerpoint straight from the screen! How dull, drab, and condescending; it pretty much suggests that you do not believe the audience is capable of reading/understanding what you are talking about.

Are you pressed for time in writing reports or teaching others? Here is a compilation of office shortcuts that you, an educator, or anyone for that matter, should take into account to save time. Perhaps hanging it up above a desktop would be a good option for you! The link offers shortcuts to both Mac and Windows computers.

Understanding the way you were designed to think and learn could help you in your efforts to acquire an education. Here are 50 Brain Facts Every Educator Should Know. The link offers everything from how child abuse affects the brain of a developing individual to Oxytocin’s effect on Autistic children.

Want the latest on educational technology? Well, perhaps social networking may be your way to discover that information. This link offers the Top Ten Twitter Hash Tags for discovering education technology. If you spend your time on twitter anyway, why not invest some time into some news-worthy, educational tweets?

Are you a pro at working Microsoft programs? No? Well, if you are so inclined – here are 23 Microsoft Free Teaching Tools. I bet you haven’t heard of Photosynth, which helps students to learn through three-dimensional experiences! Or perhaps you haven’t heard of the World Wide Telescope – which can be used as a tool to learn or teach about outer space and the science involving it.

Do you spend a lot of time playing video games? It is quite sad – the average age of the avid video game player is a whopping thirty-seven. When you’re a developing individual, the amount of time you spend playing video games can affect how you learn, and even your mental state. Here is a TEDxtalk, entitled Your Brain on Video Games, that may help you understand what you are doing to yourself cognitively when you spend hours upon hours playing the games.

On the contrary, video games can be linked to helping students learn in a STEM culture (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.) Take a look at this article to see the correlation between the two.

So there you go! My hope is that you benefited from at least one of the links given to you in this article. If not, don’t fret! You can stay tuned for another educational tool article soon!

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