Using the Internet for School

If you’re anything like the average student, you go on the internet to type various papers, or research various topics – essentially all of the normal stuff that you’re expected to do for school. Unfortunately, that “new tab” button on your browser can be home to a lot of procrastination. Sure, you’ll get the work done – but you’ll waste time and feel more unproductive than if you had just sat down and did the thing you had to do solely. Here’s some of the distractions we put ourselves in the midst of, and how to counter-act those distractions.

Sometimes the internet can be your worst enemy. (photo by jared)

Sometimes the internet can be your worst enemy. (photo by jared)

#1. Cut yourself off, cold turkey

You heard me. That means don’t even listen to music, don’t even go on facebook, and don’t even have your phone near you while you’re doing school work. Honestly, it sounds harsh but some kids probably need the extra space from other technologies in order to get their work done both efficiently and in a timely manner.

#2. If you can’t do #1, allow yourself time in between work

After finishing one assignment, you can give yourself a break. You can open a new tab and search for an alarm clock, and set five to ten minutes of a break where you’re designated to go on your phone, go on facebook, or things of the sort. Some people need that time allotted, not only to give their minds a rest, but because number one seems unmanageable.

#3. Use Write or Die

Write or Die is basically an app that forces you to write by having the consequence of deletion for distraction and lack of concentration. Everything is configurable on this app. You pick out your own goals and punishments. Once you’re done, export your writings to several different things, such as email, dropbox, clipboard, or text file. It’s a great way to make sure you’re staying on track for your school papers and what not. There is both an iPad and an online version.

PS – When you’re done writing, you can use the app developer’s other project, EditMinion, to edit your text. This way, you don’t have to worry about if you’re racing the clock and there’s a typo here and there! EditMinion will find it for you, and fix it.

#4. Don’t use the internet

There’s also the option of not using the internet for school. I mean, of course, you will eventually have to to make your papers typed up. But you can go to the public library with an old school pen and paper and start doing your work that way, converting it to the computer later. If you’re a fast typer, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem – and let’s face it, if your computer is that much of a problem for you, you’d still be saving time this way.

So there you go! I hope some of these tips help you on your journey through schooling. Yes, life can be distracting, and so can that new tab button, but sometimes you just have to brace through and do what you have to do.

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