Utilizing Everything You Have For Scholarships

With admission deadlines rapidly approaching, students in their senior year of high school are growing frantic and anxious. Some may have already been accepted, perhaps through an early decision program offered by said college. Let’s create a hypothetical situation: Johnny has been accepted to three schools – a dream school, a reach school, and a back-up school. Only the back-up university is attainable to Johnny financially. However, he understands and acknowledges his potential and does not want to settle for the back-up just yet. Therefore, it is time for Johnny to get serious about scholarships. Johnny is athletic, religious, and a Latino. He maintains a 3.5 GPA and dreams of being an architect. So how does he go about finding scholarships that he is eligible for? He simply utilizes a search bar and types in the things that he can “milk” for all their worth.

Utilize your athletic ability in finding scholarships! (photo by ianrob63)

Utilize your athletic ability in finding scholarships! (photo by ianrob63)

Athletic Scholarships

There are several sites to find scholarships based upon athletic ability. Not only are recruiters looking at his high school game plays, but he is able to utilize his gifting in athleticism to try to raise money for college. Below are websites that Johnny may use to reach his goals.

Religious Scholarships

Johnny, depending on his religion, has a lot of money he has the potential to win. Here are some links to major religions and their scholarships.

Ethnic Scholarships

Although Johnny is only Latino, there are other scholarships out there for others who are not. Below are scholarships for some ethnicities.

Major-Specific Scholarships

Johnny dreams of being an architect. He understands that there are scholarships specific to his career field. However, he still would like to research others. The probability of him staying with his architectural dreams are slim as his mind could change in an instant. Below are other majors and their scholarships.

Johnny has a lot to do, but with hard work, he can get scholarships and his dreams of going to a reach or a dream school can be achieved. The whole point of this post was to depict that scholarships, regardless of the amount and what they are, are worth it. Although some may think it is detestable to say “milking” the fact that you are, for example, a Christian, or a Latino, in the end, it is who you are, and it simply means you can benefit from it financially. Those who do not take advantage of their ability to receive money through a natural disposition such as ethnicity, or their faith, are unwise. As the famous quote suggests, “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.”

Don’t forget to utilize websites with multiple scholarship listings, such as the ones I posted in the article, Tips For High School Seniors.

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