Utilizing & Finding Online Tutoring

The benefits of tutoring include many points. Some of which are being able to informally assess your skills in a subject area, reviewing lectures, lessons, tests, etc., receiving help to support learning various concepts, and receiving help with homework, studying and study skills.

Tutoring can be face-to-face or utilized on the internet. There are many great sites that offer online tutoring. (Photo courtesy of loewydesign.com)

While some concepts and topics covered in a class, whether online or traditional, can be learned and retained with ease, some concepts require a bit extra to understand them. This is where tutoring and support come into play. While some colleges (traditional, on-campus) offer tutoring through their campus library or lab, some students find it easier, more comfortable, and more convenient to utilize an online method (more information and discussion of online tutoring here). More students are connecting with tutors and working through a distance learning and supplemental environment. When schedules and prior commitments get in the way of taking the extra time to sit down in a library and study with a tutor, the option of online tutoring becomes more convenient. Students do not have to travel anywhere or meet with anyone or worry about conflicting schedules, and they can receive the help and support they need to help them be successful throughout their classes.

How do you know if tutoring could be right for you?

  • If you’re even slightly behind on concepts that have been covered
  • If you need temporary help in studying for exams/tests and for review on concepts that you will be tested on in the future
  • If you’ve been given recommendations that tutoring and some extra practice or study would greatly benefit you
  • If you’re not quite comfortable with a concept taught in a class and the instructor is presenting the next topic

Any student, of any age, can always benefit with some kind of academic support or review and reflection of topics covered in course work. The fact that there are great online options for that extra assistance makes it easier for students to connect with tutors and receive the support they need. Everything from homework help and study tips to in depth detailed mini lessons and exercises meant to review and reassess previous topics are available through distance learning and tutoring.

Most of the time, you can just “Google” the topic online tutors and you will come up with a good number of hits. It gets tedious, however, to pick through all the sites and programs that pop up. I have devised a short list of some great sites to connect with tutors and that offer the extra help you may need in completing or reviewing any coursework.

  • tutornext.com— This site offers live online tutoring via their chat line with tutors for math, reading, and science. It also offers discounts on packages, homework and study help, offers help with all subjects and grades, test prep and support. It is not a free service, but connects you with professional tutors for any support needed.
  • nextguru.com— This is a great site, and one that I utilize myself as a tutor. The site matches you with tutors that are in your area, or you have the option to receive online help and support. The fees charged are those determined by the tutors themselves. You can create a free account and find tutors either in person or online, and the payment that is listed is what you pay your tutor.
  • learntobe.org— This is a free site that offers online tutoring sessions all over the U.S. The tutors are trained for their positions, and since it is a free site, the tutors are volunteers. Because of this, the average is 50% of requests for sessions that get answered within the 10 minute time frame to begin live tutoring. They utilize chat and email, and it really isn’t a bad choice for free tutoring. But it’s a great option for budget-bound students looking for convenient and temporary homework help or support.
  • eduwizards.com— This site offers both free and paid tutoring services. They also offer live online tutoring, they utilize voice and white board online technology, and they also offer packages designed for K-5, 6-8, high school and college level curriculum. Their tutors are professional educators and ready to give help and support.

While these all are great examples of what’s out there as far as online tutoring is concerned, students need to keep in mind some basic factors in picking the right option for them. First off, think about budget. How much are you willing to spend, if at all, on tutoring and extra help with a subject area? If you’re looking for an hour or two a week and do not think it’s worth the effort to pay a tutor, then on campus tutoring offered through a college it the best option. If it’s not because of schedules and transportation, there are many free options available on the internet. The drawback of free services in that area is that the service is not on demand as it would be if you’re paying a professional tutor. Also keep in mind that free tutoring services are great for short term assignments, general questions that come up, study tips, and homework help (For more tips on studying and homework help view this). In depth coverage of topics and support are at best quality on paid sites due to the fact that paid tutors are more able to provide their time because that’s how they’re making their living. While there are good services offered for free, usually better quality tutoring services and more options are available to those who are willing to pay.

Always assess your needs in terms of one subject at a time and pick out the subject or concepts that you have the most difficulties with. When you do this you’re better able to survey what your tutoring needs are and find the option that best meshes with that.

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