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What inspires you to watch a video via Youtube? Is it the high quality – going as far as high definition depending on the camera on which the footage was filmed? Is it the creative animation used to depict a message? In my post, Youtube EDU Reviews, I linked a video of a microbiologist’s lecture with great quality in vocalization and animation to go along with the lecture. allows for the same type of information to be shared with the viewer – pronounced scientists and professors are able to share information on the fields of Science through this website. With over ten thousand authors, lectures, and videos, this site is more than able to peak your interest.

Lectures, accumulated in one place, is a great tool that this site offers. (photo by TUIblog)

Lectures, accumulated in one place, is a great tool that this site offers. (photo by TUIblog)

More importantly, what disinterests you so much that you would close a video in the midst of it’s play? At, it seems as if the only people who would really benefit from sticking through with the videos are the people who desire to learn about various subjects. Which makes sense, considering one will have to sign up to the site to be able to view the videos and acquire the knowledge given by these lectures.

The site is not an educational site itself; it’s goal is more of a historical one. The website does not create its own videos; instead, the videos are accumulated from various websites. The aim of is to store lectures and information for future use. The organizations, through which the actual information comes from, can be found listed here. To name a few, MIT Open Course Ware, Carnegie Council, and as I reviewed in a previous post, Open Yale Courses are some of the organizations and programs listed.

Another pro to videolectures is their extensive sections on reviews. From the prospects of a democracy to an infinite deity, the reviews that are listed are vast! Although videos aren’t scribed, articles from professors and scientists are available to enhance the learning experience. Some of these articles are entitled as follows, “Berlin after 1945” (an architectural article,) “Machine Learning Biological Network Models” (a biological article,) and “Redeeming Redemption as a Criminological Concept.” (a criminology article.)

Although all of the information given to the viewer is free and you are able to have access to all of it from one site for convenience, one will have to sign up to the website to be enabled to do so, as I stated previously. Unfortunately, the videos are not downloadable, which may or may not hinder the site’s desirability for the viewer – for many this may mean that the site is not as mobile as you are and will require the time, sitting at a screen, that you may not have. For further information and updates on the website, you can sign up for the newsletter. Here, you will receive notifications of blog posts.

All in all, I find that the website is a great resource in finding information fast. Although it is not as mobile as it could be in the future, the accumulation of all of the information listed is enough to inspire the masses.

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