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Even in college (depending on majors, teachers, and the like,) you may have the occasional collaborative or solo video project. To ensure you get the best grade you can possibly get, you will need to distinguish yourself among other students. To do so, you must think as if you are a “vlogger,” such as popular names on Youtube, like Cassey Ho’s Blogilates as I described in the article, Fitness with Education, or WithWendy, a DIY vlog teaching how to sew various articles of clothing. The people aforementioned understand how to reach out to the audience in question, grab their attentions, and make themselves stand out from the crowd; this is what you should aim to do in completing a video project for school.

Make sure your audio is clear and concise! (photo by comedy_nose)

Make sure your audio is clear and concise! (photo by comedy_nose)

In planning, one should be sure to implement the answer to the question or prompt at hand. Ultimately, your aim is to please the professor or teacher, unless stated that your project should be to please the audience of students and peers. Most of the time, rubrics are categorized by interpretation, knowledge, presentation, voice, projection, and overall performance. You can ask yourself these six questions to see if you are following a general rubric for video projects:

  • Is the message clear and concise?
  • Do you actually understand what you’re talking (filming or interpreting) about?
  • Is the presentation going to keep the focus of the audience and teacher?
  • Were the speakers vocally clear and easy to hear?
  • Was expression presented just as clear as the voice was?
  • Overall, did you execute the plan to your best ability?

To do all of which I listed above, one would have to go beyond a great idea by utilizing the right tools for the job. If you do not have money to spend and do not own any recording or editing devices prior to the project, there are free options that are out there that do a sufficient job in quality. Remember: the more clear and crisp your presentation is, the more the audience will be focused. Below are links to free tools that one may use in video projects.


Audacity is a free, downloadable program that does not take hardly any space on your computer and allows for recording of audio. This would be a good tool if, say, you had to do a voice over on an animation or simulation.


Speaking of animating, when I was beginning my self-teaching of graphic design and animation, I used this program. With it, I was able to make icons, avatars, wallpapers, graphics for t-shirts, and even worship backgrounds for my church. The program is easy to use and allows you to save your graphics as .GIF, which is the format you will need if you decide to animate.


Those who have a Mac computer have the high-quality video editor, iMovie, already installed on their computer. This is a program that I’ve seen many, many vloggers use with ease. Not only is it high-quality and easy to use, but if you find yourself stuck in the editing process, there are numerous tutorials available online! It is also available for download on iPhones for easy travel!

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