Ways to Organize Your School Life

Organizing physical, tangible things in your life is a lot easier to do than organizing oneself mentally or emotionally. But, like all things, organization will take you further than being disorganized will. If you’re forgetting that assignments are due, forgetting when your next test is, and forgetting that class starts at nine am instead of nine-thirty am, then this article is specifically tailored to you.

Agendas can be life or death - in regards to college success. (photo by Jim Ceballos)

Agendas can be life or death – in regards to college success. (photo by Jim Ceballos)

#1. Use a program like Microsoft Excel

If you use your computer for most of your schooling, then this tip will be the most helpful to you. At the beginning of each semester, go into a program like Microsoft Excel and log when things are due. The vertical column can be your classes, and the horizontal column can be dates.

This way you can see what projects overlap, what assignments are due on what day, and most of all – it will be easier to adjust if your professor changes the dates of things, with simple deletes and typing in new things.

Ah, the wonders of technology.

#2. Take it week by week

Generally, you know what assignments you have coming up due. This is my preferred method of work. Every week, I make a list of things to do for each class I have, with the due dates, and I add on as my professors add work. It makes it easier for me. And that way, I don’t end up procrastinating – because if it’s on my list at all, even if it’s not due for another week – I’m still going to work on it when I get the next available opportunity to.

I’m a list person, and if something is written down – I have to commit to it. If you’re the same way, this way will probably be the best method for you.

If that method isn’t for you either, and you’re always on the go, perhaps this next tip will be the most profitable one for you.

#3. Invest in an agenda.

There are some really nice agendas, like Lilly Pulitzer ones, that even go a step further in organization by giving you tabs, pockets, among other things to help you stay on top of the game. If you’re not into big ones, there are smaller ones that can slip right into your purse or fit in the middle storage space in your car. Either way, if you take the time to use these things, color code, and even plan ahead of time, you’ll have organization down. 

So there are three ways you can organize your school life! As for every other aspect of life, good luck, but if you are in school – school should be one of the most important aspects of your life.

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