Websites That Will Help You in College

These won’t help you in the literal sense – as in, they won’t all be academically beneficial – but they are sites that you’ll probably end up visiting in college – either out of sheer boredom or maybe you need a break from working so hard on that paper. Regardless, these sites are wonderful!

Websites are good for the soul. (photo by Enokson)

Websites are good for the soul. (photo by Enokson)


This one is simply mesmerizing. I adore watching the wind patterns and I check often. You can also zoom in your area and look at how the wind is moving. Whoever developed this website is a genius!

#2. Rate My Professor

As I have stated before, professors are not teachers. There is a difference. And many of the times, your professors don’t know how to teach – they just know a tremendous amount in their respective fields. All in all, if you’re curious about a class or it’s professor – check this site. It’ll help you out a lot.

#3. Film School Thesis Statement Generator

For those times that you need something to get you going on your paper. Enter the name of the film, and it’ll generate a thesis statement for you. Then you can start writing your paper. Classic.

#4. Cupcake Ipsum

This website is the way you want to go when you need to sweeten up your filler text. If your Lorem Ipsum is boring, you might want to use Cupcake Ipsum to make it better! It’s like kisses on your boo-boos. Except your boo-boos are the difference between passing the class with this project.

#5. Glassdoor

Need a job? This is a great site for searching for jobs and internships and the like. The best part is that not many people have heard of it, so you probably have less competition for the jobs and internships that have been put on this site. I mean, with the job search engine tycoons like Monster and Indeed, you should be fine with Glassdoor.

#6. Datemyschool

Bored? Desperate? Looking for something fun to do? This is a dating service that limits your search to people from your school only. It’s fantastic because you’ll already have something in common. Plus you know you won’t be in a location that you’re not sure of – if you need to ditch quickly. Remember to be safe! You don’t know this person. They’re from the internet.

#7. Mint

I’ve mentioned Mint in a past article. Because sometimes you just need to know how much you’re spending on alcohol. Sometimes you need to know why you’re so broke. And then all you can say is “Ooopsies,” provided you can pull off saying that.

#8. College Fashion

I know I’ve done an article on this one as well. This one will help you stay on top of the trends! Plus they have fun quizzes based on the fashions of the season, they link to the clothes they post, as well as offering my favorite section, Hautelinks.

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