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Webster University is a privately operated university that seats itself in Webster Groves in St. Louis, Missouri. What the university is primarily aimed at is providing an education for students who don’t necessarily have the means to procure one. To that end, it provides the advantages of small classes and a small campus while offering the resources of a large university. Due to these factors, the university has successfully prepared thousands of students to move onward with a proper preparation for the changing world of business and technology.

The college finds its roots in 1915 being initially established as the progressive Loretto College under the efforts of the Sisters of Loretto. The campus predominantly taught women, which made Loretto one of the only women’s colleges available in Missouri at the time. Gradual growth brought in male students and, by 1962, the college reverted to being coeducational. Master’s programs were added soon after pushing the ballot for the college to be recognized as a university. Eventually, due to financial difficulties (make no mistake, the Sisters of Loretto kept the school in operation even through the Great Depression) the Sisters handed the college over to secular trustees leading to what is today known as Webster University.

Online courses at Webster can be mixed and matched with on-campus courses, or can be taken entirely online to be put towards a degree. Classes can also be taken asynchronously or by means of independent study. The online programs at Webster are designed to be flexible in these ways.

A strong variety of degrees are available entirely online. This means that students will never have to set foot on campus to receive the accredited benefits of a Webster degree! Students can earn a Master of Arts in International Relations,  the popular Master of Business Administration, a Master of Arts in Management and Leadership, a Master of Science in Finance, or even a Master of Educational Technology, and many more degrees not listed here. Graduate and undergraduate certificates are also available in Government Contracting, Decision Support Systems, Web Services, and Website Design & Development.

Enrollment is poised to break 20,000 in just a few years with a closely monitored student to faculty ratio of 14:1 to match. Tuition for full-time students comes out to $20,440 per year, and part-time students pay $525 per credit hour. Financial aid is available in a variety of resources starting with federal, state, local, and external grants, such as from alumni or neighboring institutions. Aside from that, the college itself supplies 88% of their students with aid primarily in the form of merit-based scholarships, and other forms of aid are available as well.

The university has gone to great lengths to make the learning experience complete, even study abroad opportunities that come free of charge! It’s no wonder the university has been nationally recognized for its efforts to help those in need and those who want to pursue higher education without burying themselves in debt. For these reasons, Webster University is an excellent choice in distance learning.

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